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Does Shaving Make You Itch Down There?

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So you want to have a clean shaven pubic region. Well you most certainly made a big mistake didn't you?

Now you have a clean mound but you can not stand the constant itching and the red and nasty splotches are causing you some serious embarrassment.

This is nothing out of the ordinary because of the fact that this is a region that is not used to being shaved. The skin beneath the hair on the pubic mound is so sensitive that it is very possibly the most dangerous area of the body to shave with out some kind of consequences.

This is the thing that happens most often. Of course this is something that happens to most people when they shave the normal areas of their body for the first time. The skin is not really designed to have a razor against it.

This comes into play when a person is having the first round of shaving. The skin will often times become irritated and when that happens you will have the ugly razor bumps that appear. This is a matter of some embarrassment for a lot of people.

Well that is nothing that can be helped unless you are willing to do the shaving the right way. There are many ways that a person can do the shaving of the pubic region and most of them have to be done in the proper order or you may end up having the same kind of problem.

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Shaving the pubic mound is a matter of the order of operations. First and foremost you need to clean the area completely. This is very important because the act of shaving will open the pores of the skin.

If you have not cleaned the area then you run the risk of infection when the dirt gets under the skin. This is what causes acne and such. Now then, you are ready to begin. Start by applying a hot compress to the area that you wish to shave.

This will help to stand the hairs up and keep them further from the skin. This is also very important because you do not want too much contact with the skin. You have the choice here as to whether or not to use shaving cream.

In most cases it is best to use shaving cream, especially a brand that has cooling lotion included. When you begin shaving, you should use long smooth strokes. This will help the skin avoid irritation.

Once you are finished wash the area again to remove any left over cream. Now, if you are feeling some burning this is normal and you can counteract this with some cooling lotion. Letting the area air out for as long as possible is always a good idea.

When the air gets to the area it will prevent the redness from forming as fast as it normally would.

You should expect some form of redness from the area but if you follow the instructions above then you will note that the redness will fade in a few hours at most. Next time you shave the area it will become easier as the skin is not as sensitive.

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