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The Top 10 Hair Removal Methods - Which Is Right For You?

In a hurry to remove your hair?
Top Hair Removers
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Removing unwanted hair can be a pain. Most of the people in the world could not wait until they were old enough to shave.

Well once you start then you can not stop which is really a bother. What a lot of us fail to realize is that there are many ways to remove hair from the body.

That is why we are going to look at the top ten methods and you can determine for yourself which is the best for you.

Hair Plucking

This is one of the more painful methods for hair removal and is generally successful for only a small amount of hair. This method uses a pair of tweezers and you will simply grab the hair and yank.

When this happens you are preventing the hair from growing back for a certain amount of time but not for good. There is also the chance you will cause some kind of skin blemish to form. 

Standard Shaving

This is the most common method for hair removal but it does create a lot of problems for some people. When you shave you are basically cutting the hair from the skin but doing nothing with the under parts of the hair.

It is said that once you shave the hair will start to grow faster and so on. Once you begin you can never stop shaving unless you manage to find a permanent hair removal method.

Standard Waxing

This is some times referred to as hot waxing but it can be done with a cooler version. Well this is something that comes with the entire concept of pain. The person has the wax spread on the hair with a strip of paper laid over it.

When the wax has cooled and dried the strip is ripped off quickly. This takes all the hair with it. Now you can imagine that this is very painful and can cause some damage. Bleeding is very possible with this method.

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Sugar Waxing

This is very similar to the standard waxing but this version uses a sugar based compound that is applied to the hair area. The same principle is applied but the ingredients are much cheaper. You can usually accomplish this for under ten dollars.

Hair Bleaching

This is a method that does not remove the hair but instead causes it to become lighter and less visible. 

Hair Threading

This is a method that is not very common in the West. It uses cotton fibers to wrap around the hair and then allows it to be pulled from the skin. It generally causes less pain and less damage then standard plucking.


The hair removal creams on the market at this point are used to basically dissolve the hair that resides in the area. They are known to be irritating to some peoples skin.


This is the electric hair removal method. A current is delivered to the hair base and it falls out. Then the hair will not grow back. However, most of the people have severe pain and the method is very expensive.

Laser Treatment

The newest permanent hair removal treatment uses the laser method to damage the base of the hair where it grows. The method is pain free and causes little in the way of scarring.


This method is used to treat facial hair in women. It is a cream based solution that has shown great promise with its use.

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