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Facial Hair Removal

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Facial hair is a cause of embarrassment to many women. This puts them at a disadvantage in professional as well as social sphere. Hence, women are more conscious of the growth of facial hair and go for facial hair removal.

Facial hair and age The problem of facial hair worsens with age. The body including the face is covered with many natural hairs which are not discernible easily. But with age, such hairs along with their roots thicken making them more pronounced. The texture of the hair also changes.

They become more course and hard. This is so in both men and women. Men resort to daily shaving for this, while the women find it difficult to hide. Hence the women go for facial hair removal through various methods that are available. The various methods available for facial hair removal are as follows:

There are various methods by which the facial hair removal is achieved like shaving, tweezing, waxing, use of depilatory creams, electrolysis etc. 

Tweezing This method of hair removal involves simple plucking of the hair and obviously it is associated with certain amount of pain. Also, the hair that grows afterwards is generally thicker and course in texture.

Sometimes, scarring can also happen. Due to this reason, it is not a recommenced way of removal except in some cases of sporadic hair growths. 

Waxing This method is generally adopted by many women especially in the case of hair removal on the upper lips. This type of hair removal is ideal for fine hair, whereas they are not very suitable in case of coarse hair. 

Depilatory creams Unlike tweezing and waxing, hair removal can be taken up at large patches with the help of the depilatory creams. But they can only be conducted on areas like legs and arms that are less sensitive since the depilatory creams are prepared using certain chemicals. 

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Electrolysis This method of hair removal has a better result than the waxing and tweezing. But it is more costly and often requires multiple sittings and takes a long time to have the permanent hair removal.

In this method, each hair root or follicle is subjected to a low dose of electricity to make it inert and at times, can be painful. In certain cases, there have been instances of scarring. 

Laser hair removal Laser hair removal has been the most effective and popular hair removal method. Most women go for it, especially for the chin and upper lip areas as they are most conscious about the irritating strands of hair on that part. 

The laser hair removal is less time consuming although you need multiple sessions to have the desired result. 

Unlike other hair removal methods like the use of depilatory cream and waxing where the darker skinned people might develop inflammation and decolouration, the laser hair removal method is free from such effects. 

Hence, for the facial hair removal, due to the sensitive nature of the skin, generally women go for the laser hair removal method.

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