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Facts Of Laser Hair Removal

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Both men and women have an inherent desire to look beautiful. This craving is more pronounced in the case of women. Often, in these aspects, different standards have been set along with the socio-cultural growth.

Unwanted hair on body parts is one such thing that have derogatory connotation with regard to the concept of beauty and look of a person. Due to this reason, people go for hair removal all over the world irrespective of political and social boundaries. 

The present day advancement in science and technology has also thrown in ways and means to make the hair removal easy and also to have a lasting effect. The laser hair removal is one such development of the present time. 

Laser hair removal

The laser hair removal technology has provided a solution to arrest the growth of unwanted hair on the body parts and hence it is becoming popular day by day. In this process, laser ray is used to make the hair follicle inactive while not harming other parts of the skin.

There are various advantages and disadvantages of the laser hair removal and they can be as follows – 

I) Advantages of laser hair removal method

a) The laser hair removal method is painless. In the case of shaving, waxing and tweezing, there is always the risk of cuts and inflammation. But in case of laser hair removal, the laser ray used does not induce any kind of pain.

b) The laser hair removal technology has a lasting effect. Since laser ray is used to inactivate and remove the hair, there is a better chance of the hair roots getting destroyed completely. Hence, there is less chances of re-growth of the hair again.

The re-grown hair is also not that stubborn and with subsequent exposure to laser rays, the hair roots are completely destroyed and one can have a permanent hair removal. 

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The colour of the re-grown hair becomes light. 

c) The laser hair removal method is safe, only when done by trained professionals. So that is something you have to ensure before going for this method of hair removal.

d) The laser hair removal method is effective both in case of white and dark skinned people. The hair removal methods like waxing, use of depilatory may trigger inflammation on dark skinned people.

Also, the hair removal method of electrolysis does not provide good permanent effects of hair removal for dark skinned people. But the laser hair removal method has equally encouraging result in case of both fair and dark skinned people. 

Disadvantages of laser hair removal method

a) The laser hair removal method is very expensive and can’t be afforded by all. Also, the exorbitant cost prohibits people to have it on larger areas. Hence, only for facial hair removal purposes, many women use it.

b) Laser rays might damage the eyes during the laser hair removal method. So, proper care in this regard is mandatory. 

c) The laser hair removal when done by inexpert hands may lead to complications like burning of skin. 

These are some of the facts about the laser hair removal methods.

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