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Hair Removal - Temporary And Permanent

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Although hair removal has been vogue in since long, in the present day, both men and women go for hair removal due to the social demand. Hair removal on legs, underarms, bikini lines are often become the requirement of the fashion-conscious women.

Hence, they go for hair removal –temporary or permanent, taking into account their need and the cost associated with the hair removal method. For instance, take the case of facial hair. Women are most sensitive of them as it signifies their look.

Hence, for facial hair removal they go for permanent hair removal even if it might cost more. Whereas the hair removal on the legs, arm pits and bikini lines are given priority during sun bathing, fashion contest or any other occasions when such body parts are to be exposed. 

There are various methods by which hair removal can be achieved. Some of them have a temporary effect whereas some produce a lasting effect. The different hair removal methods that are available are as follows:

  • Trimming the hair

  • Tweezing or pulling or plucking the hair with the help of a tweezers. 

  • Waxing the hair

  • Shaving the hair with blade and shaving cream

  • Bleaching of the hair

  • Use of depilatory creams

  • Electrolysis method where a low voltage of electric current is used to inactivate the hair follicle. 

  • Laser hair method

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Apart from the above mentioned hair removal methods, some natural products like honey, chamomile tea, lemon etc are used. 

It is a fact that women want the hair removal to be permanent irrespective of the area concerned. Unfortunately, no methods of hair removal can guarantee a permanent hair removal. Besides, the methods are also case sensitive.

One method, which is quite effective for some people may not have a lasting effect on other. Also, the colour of the skin plays a role in achieving the desired result. The dark skinned people are at a disadvantage while using some methods like the use of depilatory creams and electrolysis. 

The type texture or the hairs is also a factor which determines the effects of hair removal. Hairs that are more course in texture are not easily amenable to a lasting hair removal. Even the chances of re-growth of hair in legs are more compared to other areas as they tend have course hair. 

However, there are certain rudimentary things that should be assiduously followed to have a proper hair removal. They can be as follows:

  • While shaving your hair, whether facial hair or hair on other body parts, it is always advised to shave after applying the shaving gel. You should also let the shaving gel remain on the face for some time before going to shave. Dry shaving should always be avoided.

  • After hair removal, the area should be kept clean. It is believed to wane the process of re-growth the hair.

In order to have a permanent hair removal, you should constantly keep trying to find the method that is most suitable to your skin type.

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