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Hair Removal Prescription

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Hair removal of unwanted hairs on the body has been in practice since long in almost all the cultures and civilisation. Facial hair removal is probably the first hair 
removal that was taken up by man as a routine.

With the growth of the civilisation, hair removal has been associated with the aesthetic, cultural, religious and medical need. In the present day, hair removal is also done for medical reasons. Hair removal is done before the surgeries.

Likewise, doctors prescribe hair removal in certain cases of fungal and bacterial infections. But, with more and more modern ways of hair removal coming up, the hair removal methods and operations have also become under the purview of the medical science. 

Hence, while undergoing such types of hair removal that also needs medications from medical practitioners, you need to have a prescription to buy the drugs. The temporary hair removal methods like the shaving and waxing of course do not need any consent or prescription of any medical personnel.

But to undergo hair removal through laser technology or electrolysis, the prescriptions of the cosmetic surgeons is necessary as this is associated with risks. The cosmetic surgeon does all types of medical tests before declaring the person fit to go for electrolysis. 

Hair removal methods not requiring any prescription Most of the temporary hair removal methods like the shaving, waxing, sugaring and some chemical hair removal methods do not require any prescription from a doctor.

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Hence, it is being done by most people in home. Many beauty clinics and parlours also regularly do it. Hair removal methods that require prescription The hair removal methods that require a prescription from a medical practitioner is generally done by the trained medical doctor. 

Laser hair removal is one such method that requires a prescription from a medical practitioner. It is generally done by the cosmetic surgeon. This is because of the possible hazards associated with such practices. 

The laser hair removal is also a very case specific method. The effectiveness of it is dependent upon various factors like the skin type of the person, the texture of hair etc. They also require multiple sessions involving the use of drugs. Hence, all these factors can only be judged properly by the skilled doctor only. 

The possible hazards of laser hair removal are many. Sometimes, blisters are formed after the hair removal especially with people who are dark skinned. Also sometimes there is a burning effect of skin after the laser hair removal.

In such cases, only the trained medical doctor can determine the drugs that are to be prescribed. A thorough analysis of the skin type is important for the success of the laser hair removal, which can only be done by the medical doctor. 

Sometimes, when the person requires multiple sessions of laser hair removal, the person becomes traumatised when it also associated with blisters and burns. In such cases, only a professional doctor can only prescribe the drugs to address the psychological problem that arises. 

These are some of the aspects of prescriptions of hair removal.

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