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Hair Removal Through Electrolysis Or Laser - A Comparative Assessment

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The demand for hair removal has increased over the years. This can be attributed to various factors like social, cultural and economic. Whatever may be the reason for the proliferation of the demand of hair removal; it has surely thrown in various options of hair removal into the forefront. 

Constant research and development in the field of hair removal has the led the development of the application of laser rays for hair removal in the 1990s. 

Women generally want their hair removal to have permanent effect. The old techniques of shaving, waxing, tweezing etc do not have a lasting effect of hair removal. 

The much tried electrolysis method along with the laser hair removal method only offers permanent hair removal solution. Hence, people often resort to one of these methods of hair removal to get rid of the unwanted hair on the body for good. This also puts them in a fix as which of the above two methods should be adopted.

Let us find out the different facets of these two methods of hair removal. Electrolysis method of hair removal Invented more than a century ago, the electrolysis method of hair removal has gained popularity as it is considered to be permanent.

Here, the hair root is subjected to a small amount of electric current to make the hair follicle inert, which in turn destroys further growth of the hair cell. There is a minimal chance of re-growth of the hair afterwards when done properly by expert hands. This method of hair removal has also been approved by the FDA.

But, since each and every hair root is to be deactivated in this method, it takes a long time to cover large patches of unwanted hairs. This makes it a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Also, it involves high cost. 

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That is why women generally go for hair removal of the upper lips through this technique. Laser hair removal method The laser hair method, discovered only in the end of the twentieth century, has become popular due to its efficacy in treating large areas simultaneously.

In stead of electricity, laser rays are used to inactivate the hair follicles. This offers a semi-permanent hair removal solution like electrolysis.

Both these things have made the laser hair removal method the most preferred method of hair removal for many dermatologists and at present a whole industry of beauty clinics are thriving on it. The FDA has also approved this method of hair removal.

Although large areas can be covered through this technique of hair removal, often it requires multiple sittings to have a permanent effect. Which one select Often, it becomes a personal choice as to which of the two above mentioned methods of hair removal should be adopted.

If the hair removal is to be done in large patches, then one should go for the laser treatment. The colour of the skin is also important as the laser hair removal is less effective on dark skinned people or fair people with dark hairs than with light coloured hairs. 

These are some of the aspects that should be considered before going for a permanent hair removal solution.

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