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Hair Removal Tips

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Growth of hair on the body is triggered by the hormonal balance in the body during the teen age. The growth of hair on the bodies of men is more pronounced than that on the women. The growth of hair has also got the medical and scientific significance the fact that it helps in cooling the body. 

But people, especially women abhor the growth of hair on the body parts. This has been as much due to the aesthetic sense as also due to the professional reason.

While the aesthetic reason for hair removal is to have a more appealing look, athletes, body builder and soldiers go for hair removal for professional reasons. Sometimes, hair removal becomes necessary due to medical & sexual reasons as well.

Hence, since ancient time, men and women have gone for hair removal. In the present days, this practice has grown so much that a whole industry is thriving on this alone. 

Hair grows in almost all the parts of the body. Generally,the hair removal is done from the face, chest, eyebrows, arm pits, private parts, chest etc. Processes of hair removal The processes of unwanted hair removal from the body can be achieved by physical as well as by the action of chemicals.

The physical methods involve shaving, plucking etc, while the waxing,use of depilators are methods of hair removal through chemical action.. Products for hair removal In the market a number of hair removal products are available.

Most of them have a temporary affect, while some like the laser hair removal technique lasts for a longtime. They are available in the form of gels, creams and lotions. At times, the chemicals also come added with fragrances.

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Permanent hair removal products The permanent hair removal products include the laser hair removal, electrolysis, the high intensity pulsed lamps. But these types of hair removal method should only be done in the clinics of the trained practitioners.

To achieve a permanent hair removal, sometime more than one session is required. The laser hair removal needs more than one session to attain a permanent hair removal. The electrolysis method generally ensures a permanent hair removal.

But many a times, permanent hair loss is not achieved even with all the available methods. The permanent or semi-permanent methods of hair removal are generally more costly compared to temporary methods.

But the permanent methods especially the laser hair removal is becoming very popular as it is a painless method with certain amount permanent effect. Temporary methods of hair removal The temporary methods of hair removal are generally done by the person himself.

They can be the daily shaving men do with the help of shaving cream and blade. That apart waxing is also done by people themselves on a regular basis. Apart from the above techniques of hair removal, there are certain tips that should be remembered while going for hair removal. They can be as follows:

  • The hair and the hair roots should be kept clean for better result of hair removal.

  • While shaving, the gel should be left for sometime on the skin. 

  • The shaving should not be done on dry skin. 

These are some of the tips of hair removal that should be followed.

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