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Informations About Hair Removal

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The modern day has seen much development in the sphere of hair removal. This has been both in the form of the desire of people to go for hair removal on various body parts like the chest hair removal, bikini line hair removal and also the discovery new ways of hair removal like the laser hair removal. 

This has made the hair removal a vast subject and also around this a whole lot of professional like beauticians, cosmeticians and dermatologists have their say. All of them advocate their own opinions and knowledge about the subject.

These plethoras of opinions often leave the person who wants to know about the subject of hair removal bit confused. Hence, it is important to have a clear fundamental idea about the subject of hair removal.

Before going for any hair removal, it is important to make an assesment fo it on the basis of your requirement. In this regards, an objective analysis of the hair removal methods is to be carried out on the basis of the following informations. 

  • Your age and sex.

  • The body that require the hair removal.

  • The cost.

  • Your skin colour.

  • The texture of the hair

The informations of hair removal also vary depending upon the areas that needs hair removal and the type or methods of hair removal available. The areas of the body that generally require hair removal are as follow:

  • Hair on face

  • Hair on head

  • Hair on the legs

  • Hair on arms and armpits

  • Hair on chest and back

  • Pubic hair

The different methods and tools that are used to conduct the hair removal are as follows:

  • Waxing and depilatories

  • Tweezing and threading

  • Razors and electric shavers

  • Electrolysis

  • Laser

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Some of the above mentioned methods have a temporary affect while in some cases hair removal is permanent. The methods that are supposed to have a permanent effect are as follows:

  • Electrolysis

  • Laser treatment

  • Photo-epilators

  • Flash lamps with high intensity light

  • Oral medicine

Most of these techniques have certain amount or risks. Sometimes the risks factors associated with some of them can be dangerous ,when carried by inexperienced personnel. Although approved by the FDA, they do not have a solid clinical findings in their favour in terms of their efficacy. 

It should also be borne in mind that the above methods are very case specific. Not all the methods are suitable for all the people. The case history of the individual concerned is very important while selecting the procedure of hair removal. 

For example, the laser hair removal technique, which is the current rage among the masses, is not most suitable for people with a dark skin or fair people who have dark hair.

Hence, they require multiple sessions of hair removal and often there is only a thinning of the hair which might need subsequent treatment of electrolysis to get rid of the unwanted hair completely. 

These are some of the fundament informations associated with the hair removal, but it is necessary to have a complete understanding regarding the suitability of the method, before going for hair removal. For this, a detailed and thorough research is necessary.

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