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How IPL Permanent Hair Removal Works to Make You Free from Hair

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IPL Permanent Hair Removal is a hair removing treatment that is fast and effective if done correctly and with the right technology. The end result of IPL Permanent Hair Removal also matters with the training of the person designated to carry out the job.

Basically, IPL Permanent Hair Removal is a treatment that uses an intense pulse light treatment machine. There is a newer type of treatment using a super intense pulse light but they both utilize pulsed light to permanently remove hair.

IPL Permanent Hair Removal should not be confused with a laser treatment because it really isn’t one. Instead, it uses light therapy to achieve the desired result. 

The process of IPL Permanent Hair Removal is as follows. Before the main treatment is done, the area to be treated is shaved clean. The head of the IPL machine is then passed over the area to be treated.

The only way that a hair follicle is permanently destroyed is when enough thermal energy is being delivered to the hair bulb for an appropriate amount of time. A concentrated amount of melanin is required for the hair bulb to absorb this energy. 

When the energy destroys the melanin pigment in the hair bulb and the feeder blood vessels, hair is significantly reduced. For IPL Permanent Hair Removal to be really effective a specified number of treatments have to be undergone by the patient.

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These series of treatments are considered to be follow-up treatments to entirely make the area free from hair. Any area on the body can be treated by the IPL Permanent Hair Removal treatment. The face and other sensitive areas such as the bikini area, chest, and back can be hair-free in a quick way.

The IPL Permanent Hair Removal treatment is also relatively pain-free since effective cooling is ensured so that the maximum destructive power of the light is primarily focused only on the deeper layers under the skin without burning its external layer.

After the first IPL Permanent Hair Removal treatment, one will immediately see visible results since the main goal of the first visit is to destroy at least 30% of the hair during its growth stage. One great thing about this treatment is that there is no downtime.

However, one has to undergo a range of 4-6 treatments for the hair removal to be permanent. The entire session of an IPL Permanent Hair Removal treatment does not last long especially with state-of-the art equipment.

This treatment is also considered one of the safest methods of permanent hair removal there is today, with very impressive outcomes at that. What more, all skin types and hair color can avail of this treatment.

If you are looking for ways to remove hair from unwanted parts of your body, you could try to look closely at this form of treatment because it has swiftly gained its reputation to be one of the crowd’s favorite hair removal treatments, despite it being introduced later than the more known ways of permanent hair removal.

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