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Laser Facial Hair Removal - Both For Men And Women

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The laser hair removal method, the most recent technique of all the methods of hair removals, has been popular equally among the men and women. This has been due to the various advantages it offers compared to other methods of hair removal like tweezing, shaving, waxing and electrolysis. 

Laser hair removal for men

Men, like women are also going for laser hair removal to get rid of hairs on various body parts.

  • Face - Many men find it the daily routine of shaving cumbersome. So, they go for laser hair removal on the face. But this needs to be done with utmost care.

  • Neck and throat Many men have the growth of unruly hair on their necks that grows in all directions making it hard to shave and many a times, rashes occur while shaving by a blade. So, men go for laser hair removal of such areas.

    But this has to be done very carefully as the skin on the face is very sensitive and thin.

  • Razor bumps The laser hair removal technique has proved to be effective against the razor bumps and also the ingrown hairs. But this has to be done carefully especially on people having dark skin as the laser rays are likely to produce more harmful effects on the dark skin.

  • Eyebrows The laser rays damages the eyes. Hence, although hair removal can be done on the eyebrows through this technique, care and precaution should be taken to protect the eyes while conducting it.

Men, unlike women would need multiple treatments as there hairs are thicker with more chances of re-growth. The hair progressively become thinner and lighter in colour after each sessions of hair removal through the laser technique. 

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While going for the hair removal on the face one should have the patience to go through the series of sittings of hair removal, to have the desired result. Also, there might be growth of patches of beards in the intervening period.

The electrolysis method of hair removal could be adopted to get rid of the re-grown thin light coloured hairs. Laser hair removal for women While men are generally most conscious of the hairs on their face, women want the hair removal almost all over the body.

Hence, the laser hair removal is very popular among the women as hair removal can be done on large patches like those on the hair and arms at a time.

  • Upper lips Hair removal on the upper lips of women is carried with ease through the method of laser hair removal.

    The upper lip has a sensitive skin and generally gets bruised when the hair removal is carried out through the traditional forms like tweezing, waxing, shaving and even electrolysis. In case of laser hair removal, it is less painful.

  • Side burns Many women have a growth of thick and course hair near their ears. To go for hair removal on such patches through shaving would make them more thick and coarse. Hence, women prefer the laser hair removal on such areas.

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