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Melanin And Laser Hair Removal Through Laser Therapy

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These days, both men and women are going for the various types of hair removal methods available in the market. But few know about the facts that the presence of melanin in the skin is also in some way an important aspect that have a bearing on the effects of hair removal. 

Melanin in the skin 

Melanins in the skin are the pigmentation in the skin cells and are responsible for giving the skin its colour. Presence of melanin in the skin makes it darker. Also, prolonged exposure to sun makes the formation of more melanin in the skin making it darker. 

This explains why people living in the tropical climate have a darker skin. But, the main work of the melanin in the skin cells is to provide a natural protection to the skin from the hazardous effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. 

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is being resorted to by many people these days. The advantages of the laser hair removal are as follows:

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  • Less painful The laser hair removal is less painful method of hair removal. Unlike shaving where there are also the chances of cuts and bruises, the laser hair removal is less painful. 

  • Safety When done properly by expert hand, the laser hair removal is safe. 

  • The hair removal lasts long- The hair removal through the laser technology has a lasting effect with minimal hair growth in between two hair removal sessions. Even the hair re-growth that appears is finer in texture.

  • The laser hair removal can be attended to in a larger area like the legs, chest in one go. 

  • Cost effective Due to its long term effects, the laser hair removal is cost effective as well. The costs of each session when compared with the overall effects in terms of lasting result are less. Also, it frees from the frequent attendance necessary when going for hair removal through other methods. 

  • Smooth skin The skin becomes smooth and shining after the hair removal through the laser technology. This boost the confidence level of the men and women. 

These advantages of the laser hair removal, make it a favourite method of hair removal for men and women. But, another thing that is important in case of the laser hair removal is the level melanin present in the skin cells. 

Melanin and laser hair removal 

The laser hair removal involves the use of the melanin or the pigmented cells in the hair to remove it. In this process mild laser rays are applied to the stem of the hair follicle with enough pigmentation to deactivate the hair root.

For this reason, the laser technique is more effective with dark skinned people, as there is presence of more pigmentation or melanin in the hair roots. This is how the melanin in the skin and the laser hair removal are related to each other.

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