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Methods to Remove Hair Permanently

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How many times have we shunned looking at a guy who has abundant chest hair in the pool during a party? Or avoid smiling at a girl who has a pesky mustache lest we embarrass her by turning our smile to a smirk.

For sure, everyone has had an experience about this at one point of their life. However, if you are the hairy guy at the pool or the girl with a mustache, there is no need to feel down no more because there are ways available to remove hair permanently.

The methods to remove hair permanently differ a lot from each other but nonetheless they are there to remove hair permanently, which will give you the confidence boost that you deserve.

Now that you are given the chance to remove hair permanently, take advantage of it and strut your stuff without worrying about your hairy past. But you have to realize that the methods to remove hair permanently do not really mean that you won’t have to have another treatment done after finishing your series of treatments.

In one way or another, you still have to have it maintained at least once a year depending on the type of hair growth that you have. Even then it is still great to remove hair permanently with the more popular methods there is today. 

Electrolysis is one method to remove hair permanently and it is the only clinically proven method of removing hair permanently, not just reducing the amount of hair.

This method should be done by a licensed professional because it is a slightly invasive procedure which needs a thin probe to slide into the hair follicle to shock it in order to damage it.

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Because of it being an invasive procedure, people who have undergone electrolysis report feeling pain during the procedure. Aside from this downside, the procedure is also an expensive one. 

There is a cheaper alternative to professionally done electrolysis since there are home electrolysis kits available to remove hair permanently in the comfort of your own home.

The kit includes a pen with a retractable probe which shocks the hair follicle. Albeit cheap, you need to have a bit of training or getting used to so that you will get the best results possible. 

Another method to remove hair permanently is through the aid of lasers. This method is carried out by introducing a wavelength to the specific area where unwanted hair is located.

This method is not really a permanent method to remove hair. Instead, it just reduces the amount of hair over successive treatments. And like other treatments, laser hair removing methods are also expensive. 

In order for you to choose the best method to remove hair permanently, you have to be aware of the amount of hair you want to remove, its color, and how much you are willing to spend for the treatment. Keep in mind that these treatments have a pricey tag attached to it so better be ready to pay a lot for beauty’s sake.

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