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Online Guide For Facial Hair Removal

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Everybody is very conscious about their looks because the face is an integral part of the body. It depicts the self-image and personality of a person. Clean, clear and smooth skin makes you feel great and confident. 

Men and women both want to get rid of facial hair to look good and have clearer skin surface. It is due to which facial hair removal has become an important treatment for both the sexes.

Some want to get rid of this problem permanently whereas some stick to temporary methods. Temporary methods are way cheaper than the permanent treatments of removing facial hair. 

Growth of hair on face is normal but imbalance of hormones lead to excessive hair growth. Men shave off their facial hair but women are the sufferers who keep searching for new methods to get rid of this unwanted hair growth over the face. It mostly grows in the upper lip area, eye brows and chin. 

Facial hair removal can be done by few easy and affordable methods like tweezing, hair removal creams, waxing, and threading. Excessive hair needs permanent solutions like laser technique or electrolysis.

Shaving is the most common methods for hair removal which men prefer to do it on a daily basis. It comfortably cleans the beard and moustache for men but women do not prefer shaving. 

Women prefer other methods of facial hair removal depending on their skin type. 

Tweezing: This is one of the easiest methods of cleaning facial hair but can be a little painful. Only thing you need for this method is a pair of tweezers. You have to individually pluck each hair with the help of tweezers. You should sterilize the tweezers before use for safety reasons. 

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Hair removal creams or depilatories: This is one of the most popular methods of facial hair removal since it is a painless treatment. You just have to apply the cream on your face and wipe it with soft cotton or wet cloth.

Herbal products are highly recommended due to fewer side effects. However, sensitive skin needs extreme care since it is susceptible to infections like acne.

Waxing: Facial waxing is a cheap method but can be painful. It is not recommended for sensitive skin because the force of stripping off the facial hair might loosen it and become saggy. 

Threading: This method is good and effective only for less facial hair. It is basically a kind of plucking but with the help of a thread. It can only be performed by trained beauticians and estheticians. Women use this method for eye brows and upper lip. 

Laser Technique: This method is one of the most expensive treatments of facial air removal showing permanent results. It can only be done by professionals like doctors and dermatologists. Laser beams are used to burn the hair follicles and stop the growth. 

Electrolysis: Along with laser technique electrolysis too is a permanent method of facial hair removal. It is an expensive method and involves electrical rod to burn the hair follicle. Follow up with the doctors is extremely essential in this process to avoid infections. 

Bleaching is also one of the methods which change the color of the hair according to the skin tone. It has some chemicals in it and thus not recommended on a daily basis. 

Face being an important part of the body needs extra care and thus you should consult a doctor before taking up any hair removal treatment.

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