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A Brief Survey of Hair Removal Products

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Top Hair Removers
Hair Removers Comparisons


Hair removal these days has become a trend as well as a necessity for everyone whether it’s a man or a woman. Since hair removal is a messy and time consuming process, it becomes essential for everyone to choose the best method possible to get rid of it.

With the growing demand and awareness among people for a hair less appearance, the market has been flooded with hair removal products. These products offer all sorts of solutions for an easy and quick hair removal.

Since hair grows on the skin and skin is sensitive, it is very essential for us to look into the hair removal products lined up in the market before we choose to use them.

The most important consideration before buying any hair removal products should be a person’s need for a temporary solution or a permanent solution for hair removal. Let us examine some of the products available in the market today:

Temporary hair removal:

• Waxing kits:

This is the most common and traditional way of getting rid of unwanted hair since ages. It comprises of a thick spatula to apply the wax on the desired area and waxing strips to strip off the hair from the skin’s surface.

This method is slightly painful but gives a longer solution to hairlessness say about 4 to 6 weeks when compared to other temporary methods. 

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• Shaving kits:

This is considered the most convenient and easiest way of maintain a hairless body with minimum expenditure and maximum convenience.

This hair removal product comprises of a shaving cream and a razor to remove hair from the skin’s surface. The major drawback of this method of hair removal is its short term effect on reappearance of hair.

• Depilatories:

Depilatories are chemical based formulations designed to dissolve unwanted hair after which they can be easily wiped off from the skin’s surface. These creams contain chemicals which dissolve the disulphide bonds and hence can irritate sensitive skin.

Therefore it’s essential to do a patch test before the application of this hair removal product on a larger section of skin. This is one of the easiest solutions to hair removal under the temporary methods of hair removal.

• Tweezers:

Tweezing is a temporary method for hair removal where you use an instrument shaped like a forceps known as tweezers. This method involves the plucking of individual hair from its root and is commonly used to pluck eyebrows.

The advantage of this method is the hair growth does not increase after tweezers are used to pluck them.

• Rotary epilators:

Rotary epilators resemble to the electric razors and they have a set of tweezers at the rotary head where grasp the hair and quickly pull them off from the roots. They are fast and quick to use and are easy to operate.

Permanent hair removal:

Permanent hair removal methods give a permanent solution to hairlessness but are tedious and very expensive procedures. There are 2 methods which are commonly practised for permanent hair removal, electrolysis and laser treatment.

Electrolysis is done by a professional in beauty clinics, where an electric current is applied to individual hair follicles which in turn destroys the root of the hair, thereby inhibiting its growth. In laser hair removal we make use of laser beams to destroy hair follicles and inhibit the hair growth permanently.

Though both these methods offer a permanent hair removal solution the procedures are slow, arduous and expensive and require multiple sessions to get the desired result.

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