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A Quick Guide to Facial Hair Removal

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Both the sexes have same number of hair but the men’s growth is denser and darker to that of the women due to the presence of the male hormone Testosterone.

Unwanted hair growth on the face is a major cause of concern among women. But facial hair removal can be a big hassle and also where confusing as to how to go about it and what products to use.

Women and in most cases even men aspire to have silky smooth and a hairless face and hence have several options to choose from.

Generally men prefer shaving their faces where as women avoid shaving the face due to rapid Regrowth of hair. Following are some of the variety of options, methods and means through which facial hair removal can be achieved:

• Shaving: Shaving is a temporary method of facial hair removal which is done with the help of razor. Care should be taken that one does not shave on dry hair.

This is the most common method employed to remove facial hair by men and in case of women it is generally not recommended since regrowth occurs rapidly.

• Tweezing and Threading: These are considered as the safest methods to get rid of unwanted facial hair but the major drawback being that they are slow and time consuming methods.

This method is slightly painful but is still recommended because hair is plucked from its roots and hence takes longer to reappear.

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• Waxing: The popularity of this method of facial hair removal is due to the fact it doesn’t cost much and can be done in the comfort of your home.

Waxing involves the application of either hot or cold wax to the desired area and then with the help of a cloth or waxing strip pulling it off, taking the hair with it. This method gives a hair free skin for about 3 to 5 weeks depending upon the individual’s hair growth.

• Depilatory creams or gels: This is yet another popular method used for facial hair removal, due to its low cost and eases of application. However, people with sensitive skin should avoid using depilatory products as they use strong chemicals to dissolve the hair.

It is essential before using this product one should do a skin patch test first and should also follow the application instructions carefully. This treatment provides hair free skin for up to 2 weeks.

• Laser hair removal: This treatment is superior to other hair treatments but can be expensive and time consuming. Laser treatment for facial hair removal must be done by a licensed professional.

This treatment is not permanent but lasts for several months and is done by using laser light on the hair follicles so that they stop producing hair. One has to take at least 3 to 6 sessions to achieve a long term result.

• Electrolysis: It’s the most reliable method which gives a permanent solution of hair removal. Electrolysis uses electric current to destroy individual hair follicles and prevent hair from growing again. The technique needs repeat sittings and hence proves to be very expensive.

The above listed methods help in facial hair removal either temporarily or permanently. The choice of method one wants to employ to get rid of facial hair may vary from one person to another.

Some of the factors one should consider before selecting any of the above methods are, how sensitive one’s skin is, how much money and time can one afford on the treatments and temporary or permanent solutions for hair removal.

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