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Hair Removal Creams- The Fastest Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

In a hurry to remove your hair?
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Hair Removers Comparisons


Today hundreds of hair removal products such as hair removal creams, tweezers, waxing kits etc which are swarming the market and stores because of the growing demand of the consumers for these products.

There is a growing awareness amongst both the genders these days to look attractive and hygienic. Hence we see people going in for hair removal treatments whether temporary or permanent as a common trend today.

The hair growth and its density vary from individual to individual mainly due to genetics and hormonal factors. 

Before we discuss about the various products available in market that people are using for hair removal treatments, it would help us to know the different types of hair on our body. 

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin and grows beneath the surface of the skin. The small tube under the skin known as root follicle holds the root hair, through which hair grows out. There are basically two types of hair:

• Vellus hair: These hairs are fine, short and soft and are mostly found in women.

• Terminal hair: These hairs are coarser, longer and darker as compared to Vellus hair and are found in men.

There are several methods available today to get rid of unwanted hair some of them need professionals and some can be done on your own at your convenience. Some of the commonly used methods are waxing, threading, tweezing, shaving, use of hair removal creams etc.

Hair removal creams also called as Depilatory cream is a cream or a liquid which removes hair from the skin’s surface. 

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These creams contain Calcium Thioglycolate which is responsible for breaking the disulphide bonds in keratin and in turn weakens the hair so it can be easily scrapped off the skin’s surface. Using hair removal creams gives a hair free skin for about 2 weeks.

Application guide:

Use of hair removal creams is advantageous as its simple to apply and is a quick solution to remove unwanted hair in minimum time.

To achieve best results one should wash the overgrown hair area with Luke warm water before application of the cream. This helps in better absorption of the cream and also helps soften hair. 

After the application of the cream one should leave it for a stipulated amount of time mentioned and then using a washcloth should wipe it, applying a small pressure rather than just washing the cream away.


The most important thing to keep in mind before application of the hair removal cream is to read the instruction guide carefully and to religiously follow it. It’s also important not to exceed the recommended time for leaving the cream on the skin as mentioned in the instructions guide. 

Since Depilatory creams are made of chemicals which might irritate one’s skin, therefore it becomes essential to test a patch of your skin before applying it on a larger area.

It is important to note that hair removal creams should not be applied on any area of the skin which has cuts, wound or any scratches.

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