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Home Laser Hair Removal- Simple, Easy and Permanent

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Hair removal can be a messy and complicated job which has to be constantly done at constant intervals to get rid of unwanted hair.

The temporary treatments of hair removal namely shaving, waxing, threading, tweezing and the use of depilatories proves to be inconvenient, time consuming and uncomfortable.

Shaving of hair causes it to grow back quickly and also the regrown hair appears to be thicker and denser comparatively. The problem with waxing is that it rips the hair out from the roots and hence this procedure is painful. 

The use of depilatory creams is not advisable as it dissolves the hair on the skin with the help of chemicals, which might cause irritation to the skin. 

All the above mentioned methods might damage the skin in the long run. Since these methods only provide a temporary solution to hair removal, it’s always better to consider options related to permanent hair removal.

There are 2 methods known so far for permanent hair removal namely electrolysis and laser treatment. Professional clinics and licensed professionals are needed to undergo a permanent treatment of unwanted hair removal.

These days people do not want to spend money visiting clinics for a solution when they can find one at their homes and at their convenience.

Therefore to cater to the needs of people and the growing demand of consumers asking for such services has made home laser hair removal equipments available in market.

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The home laser hair removal machines are a miniature version of the machines used in clinics but have the exact function of removing unwanted hair.

How it works:

This portable device of home laser hair removal works on the skin by applying pulses of laser on unwanted hair to inhibit their growth. The small size of the device helps in aiming a single laser pulse at individual hair follicles thereby ensuring to cover the entire area.

The laser’s aim is to target dark pigment of the hair and hence people with blonde hair will not find this treatment to be effective.


Using home laser hair removal leads to a permanent hair reduction almost after 3 to 4 treatments. Since all the hairs present on the body are at different stages of development, so it is required to bring them in the same growth phase. 

Hence people have to undergo multiple treatments, say about 6 to 8 treatments and each with a gap of about 3 weeks to see permanent results.


Depending on the sensitivity of a person’s skin and the thickness of hair, it is important to adjust the settings of high heat or low heat on the home laser hair removal.

Using laser the first time feels slightly uncomfortable till a person gets accustomed to using it frequently. People with a very dark skin are not advised to use this product as it might cause scarring and burning of their skin.

Home laser hair removal devices seem like an answer to the prayer of several people who want a permanent solution to unwanted hair removal. This is an excellent solution as one doesn’t have to keep visiting beauty clinics for waxing or threading and also there are no hassles of shaving involved.

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