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Be Beautiful By Electrolysis Hair Removal

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People of all ages especially women are worried about unwanted hair growth. It can be seen anywhere in the body such as legs, fingers, feet, toes, arms, underarms, bikini line or even the face.

Genetic causes, hormone and steroid imbalance, higher count of androgen, problems with endocrine system etc are the various reasons for unwanted hair growth.

Unwanted hairs cause a person to lose her self confidence which will affect her lifestyle. To get the natural and smart personality back, she should have the intense desire in her mind to remove it.

There are various ways to remove hairs, both temporary and permanent. Tweezing, waxing, shaving, bleaching, trimming, intense pulsed light, depilatories, electrolysis, topical creams, laser removal etc are some of the commonly used ways for hair removal.

Most of the above said ways are temporary, Laser hair removal and Electrolysis hair removal are advanced and they last long.

What is Electrolysis hair removal?

It is a practice for permanent human hair removal by using electrical depilation. A thin, disposable, metal slide is inserted into each hair follicle without harming the side tissues. A regulated electric current is passed through the slide causes localized damage to the hair generating areas.

Methods of electrolysis hair removal

Three main methods are used for Electrolysis hair removal. They are

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Galvanic electrolysis
The Blend method

Galvanic electrolysis uses the principle electrolytic cell for hair removal. The metal slide inserted in the hair follicle performs as a cathode.

In the process galvanic current is passed and the chemical electrolysis produces sodium hydroxide inside the hair follicles. The sodium hydroxide destroys the hair matrix cells.

Thermolysis method is more sophisticated because it is quicker than the previous one. It is also known as diathermy and an alternate current is used here.

It is a process of electro coagulation, means electrical energy is transformed into heat energy which destroys the target cells i.e. dermal papilla.

The blend method is a combination of Galvanic and thermolysis method. It is more effective since it blends many of the advantages of galvanic and thermolysis methods. It destroys the cells of hair follicles which are highly keratinized and mitotic.

Electrolysis Hair Removal can be used even in eyebrows, face, thighs, legs, breasts, abdomen etc. No permanent side effects are reported for this treatment. Some times a change of skin color can happen during or after the treatment but it will not last long. 

Harsh chemicals are not used in electrolysis so it is a safe method for hair removal. You should have a complete understanding on the process of electrolysis hair removal. 

Before selecting the treatment and the electrologyst, you should make a thorough investigation in this regard because your skin is much safer with a proper treatment and a trained electrologyst.

You can choose various ways to get knowledge about a place where you get the service of electrolysis hair removal. 

You can talk to their clients if possible, can visit them before starting the treatment, can have a free consultation if possible, and can ask their promises in writing and so on. Options are many; selection is yours because the skin is yours!!! Yes, your most favorite skin in this world.

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