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Various Upper Lip Remover Methods You Can Use

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Most of us feel like a woman in a man's attire when we have upper lip hair. Now we may want to ask a beautician confidentially if she could suggest an upper lip hair remover? I know of a few methods that have helped many of my friends and I thought I would share it with you all. 

One of my friends told me of threading, that upper lip hair remover. She said that though she was scared of the pain, but she found when the thread is put against the upper lip, just clenching your lips between your teeth helped to get unwanted hair removed very easily with less pain.

This is the cheapest and easiest way of hair removal. Next someone told me of waxing, the other upper lip hair remover method. You can apply hot or cold wax on the lip and pull it out with a cloth strip.

This method is lasts for a longer time than threading. But waxing causes a lot of pain. Also sometimes the skin is very sensitive to wax and may develop red eruptions and also red boils on the upper lip. 

I have used those over the counter depilatory creams that can be applied to the skin and taken out after just 5 minutes. This method just dissolves the hair and there is every tendency it will grow back soon again.

Also make sure while purchasing these creams that if they are meant to be an upper lip hair remover. Kindly check these creams for sensitivity before using them. 

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I have a niece was apprehensive about the pain, so she chose to have bleaching done. Bleaching lightens the color of the hair and seems that she has used an upper lip hair remover.

This is done very quickly and involves no cuts on the skin. Please remember to consult your doctor before you go in for this method since the bleaches contain certain chemicals that are harmful for to-be-mothers. 

However, if you can afford you could go in for electrolysis or laser treatment. Electrolysis can be used as an upper lip hair remover. Here a needle is inserted at the hair root and current is passed through it to the roots.

This procedure is very painful and could also cause scalds and dryness of skin. You would have to have at least 4 to 5 sittings to have a permanent remedy.

You could subject yourself to the laser treatment to eliminate that upper lip hair. This is an upper lip hair remover method that uses lasers to damage and disable hair follicles. The duration is for a very short while and all the hair is shed in a matter of 15 to 20 days.

Laser is a long lasting remedy but is too costly that all may not able to afford it. So, having learnt the details of all methods of upper lip hair remover you can use any method that suits you in terms of cost, sensitivity of skin and how much time you can devote to the task of removing your unwanted hair.

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