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Feel The Smoothness Of The Skin With Body Hair Removers

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Body hair removers are believed to be one of the most effective means to make one look attractive.

Since ages there have been various body hair removers, but they were crude and they mainly involved the method of plucking the body hair. They were really painful, and often ended up in blisters and sores.

Men and women of today will go to any limit to remove unwanted hair, and this is mainly due to social, sexual and cultural reasons.

Both the sexes like to have a smooth and silky skin from face, legs, groin, and underarms, etc. They don’t hesitate to spend some cash on the latest body hair removers. Body hair removers are mainly divided into two main divisions:

i. Temporary methods
ii. Permanent methods

• Temporary methods: 

a. Hair Removing Creams: This is considered to be a painless and easier way to remove body hair. The problem with these body hair removers is that they should be check before applying to the skin, because sometimes it is sensitive to the skin, and causes allergy.

b. Razors: Razors as body hair removers became quite popular among the women, but the darker side of the razor was that it cuts the hair on the surface, and do not actually remove the hair.

Moreover it cuts the hair at an angle such that the growing hair is sharp and brittle, causing more problems. But later specially designed razors were invented for ladies, which does not leave any sharp edge hair.

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c. Waxing: In this method the soft wax is applied on the area of the body from where the hair has to be removed; then a cloth is pressed over the wax, and after that with a sharp pull the hair is removed from the root. But this method is quite painful.

d. Lotions and Sprays: Scientists developed a special kind of lotion and spray, which has to be applied on the area of the body where the hair has to be removed, this melts the hair on the surface where the lotion or the spray was applied, and then the molten hair are removed by wiping. But this cannot be applied on the sensitive skin.

e. Tweezers: This is supposed to be one of the most commonly used tools for plucking out unwanted hair from the face, eyebrows, etc.

f. Epilators: This also goes with a name that is Home Electrolysis Devices. As it is rolled along the skin the hair is removed and as the hair is removed from their roots, it takes little longer for the hair to grow again.

• Permanent methods: 

a. Electrology: This method is quite same as an epilator but it has to be done by a professional, with other methods such as galvanic, blend.

b. Laser: This was in experimental stage for more than 20 years before it was commercially implemented in the 90s. Here the laser is a xenon flash lamp that gives full spectrum light.

c. Intense Pulse Light: As compared to the laser therapy, this method as body hair remover is more affordable, and popular.

As the technology further advances, we shall find more suitable body hair removers to remove unwanted hair, in order to get a confident look and feel.

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