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Body Hair Remover Tools

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Some like it some don’t, but for those who don’t like their body hair, there are numerous ways to get rid of it. Also unwanted growth of hair in visible areas liked armpits, face, arms, etc. is disliked by many of us.

There are various Body Hair Remover tools commonly used all over the world. Let us discuss some of them.


Waxing is one of the most popular and common Body Hair Remover tools. This method is usually adopted by females. This method has been used by women since ages because of ease of use and its cost economical. Here, warm wax is spread over skin with the help of a plastic or a wooden strip. 

Then a cloth strip is placed on the same area and is pulled in the opposite direction and there you are without clean hairless skin.

Waxing can be done without any professional knowledge and pocket in your hole. You can try this at home or visit the nearest salon. People with sensitive skin should avoid waxing. 


This is another very simple method to remove hair. It is painless and less time consuming as compared to Waxing. Various types and styles of trimmer are available in local market. 


Shaving is usually done with the help of a razor, warm water and shaving gel or cream. Shaving usually clears the hair grown on the skin surface not from the root.

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It is advisable not to shave in the opposite direction of hair growth but in the same direction. Shaving serves the purpose but with burns and cuts sometimes. Electric razor minimizes the risk of cuts and is durable. 

Hair Removing Creams: 

This is a very effective Body Hair Remover and the easiest of all. These creams are also known as Depilatories. Just smear this cream on the skin and wait for the cream to loosen your hair. After around 10 minutes, clean the area with a dry cloth and wash it off. 

Laser Hair Removal: 

This method is used by many people but not as commonly as other above mentioned methods due to its price. Here, a laser is used to stop the growth of the hair. It is said to be a permanent remedy, but people usually visit the clinic once a year for maintenance.

So, the effect is long lasting than other methods and usually treats a larger area at a time. Sometimes this treatment causes inflammation and redness. 


It is done by inserting a needle in the skin and sending electric current which stops hair growth from the root. This process is very time consuming as treating a small square inch of skin can take 2-3 hours. It stops hair growth permanently and is very expensive. 

Most of these Body Hair Remover tools cause hair to grow again except Laser Treatment and electrolysis. Re-growth of hair in waxing is usually after 3-6 weeks and the hair is generally soft. However, shaving and trimming makes hair to thick and firm. 

Every Body Hair Remover has its own Pros and Cons. Going for any of them is your personal choice. Just be sure that the method suits your skin type and pocket.

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