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Ways To Get Facial Hair Removal

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We all crave for smooth and flawless skin to look good and attractive. Certain problem like acne, pimples are very common and we look for ways to get rid of them. Another major problem is the growth of hair on the face.

For men, it is natural and they look good with a beard or moustache but for women, excess facial hair stands as a matter of embarrassment. 

Excess of hair growth on the face of women is due to hormonal imbalance and is called Hirsutism. This is certainly a cause of embarrassment but there are many ways to get facial hair removal done. The process of removing the hair from below the skin is called Epilation. 

The different methods for facial hair removal are plucking, threading, waxing, sugaring and using hair removing creams. These methods are temporary and need to be done again after a few days. The permanent way for facial hair removal is through electrolysis or laser treatment.

Let us now have a look how each method is deployed for removing unwanted facial hair. Plucking is the method where each hair is plucked from the roots with the help of tweezers. 

No doubt, this method is inexpensive and hair removed by this method takes longer time to grow but the method is time consuming and very painful. Epilators can also be used for plucking but you have to be strong enough to withstand the pain.

Some women also opt for hair removing creams for facial hair removal but this method is short-lived as hair growth is back very soon. The chemicals are also strong and can result in skin irritation.

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You may also opt for waxing for facial hair removal. Waxing includes applying of hot wax to the place from where the hair is to be removed.

The wax is then pulled off by a strip of paper or cloth in the opposite direction of hair growth. The hair comes off instantly from that place giving you a hairless and smooth skin.

This method of removing hair lasts for more than a month in most people. Hair that grows after waxing also tends to become lighter and finer than before. The only thing that you may have to take care of is that hot wax may be injurious for your delicate facial skin. 

Sugaring is also an alternative method to waxing as the method involves applying of syrup made of some sweetie, water and lemon juice against the skin and stripping the hair from that place.

All these methods require frequent visits to the salons so the permanent way for facial hair removal is through laser or electrolysis. You may consult a physician for this purpose who may tell you about the best type of laser facial hair removal for your skin.

New technologies have emerged through which aesthetic lasers are used for permanent hair removal. The process is safe and effective and lasts for 15 minutes to an hour. The laser passed through your skin is absorbed by the hair follicle which disables and reduces the chances to grow new hair. 

Getting facial hair removal is no longer a difficult task as new methods emerging day by day make things simple for us to have a smooth and a flawless skin.

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