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An Introduction To Laser Hair Remover

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Human body is made of number of organs. Skin takes the second place. Skin is made of loose mesh of collagen fibers, fats and muscle tissues. The entire skin is constructed in the form of layers.

The various types of layers are sensory nerves, sweat glands and hair follicles. When you compare all the layers hair follicles are the most significant ones. 

One of the very important roles of hair is to protect your body from the heat loss. You can classify the hair into to two major classes. One is known as terminal hair and the other one is known as vellus hair.

The main differences between the two are one is thick and long. They possess black color. You can find them on your scalp, underarms and genitals. 

The short and non-pigmented ones are known as vellus hairs. The best example for these hairs is the ones on your face. Generally hair growth is seen in three categories, anagen, catagen and telogen.

To remove the unwanted hairs from your body you can use the laser beams. Laser hair remover attacks terminal hairs that have pigment melanin. 

The principle on which the laser hair remover works is known as selective photothermolysis. Laser hair remover causes localized damage by heating the melanin in the part of your body that causes hair growth.

As per the theory of light, the dark objects absorb it. Thus, the hairs can absorb laser energy coming out of the laser hair remover. Usage of laser hair remover to remove the unwanted hair is common in both men and women. 

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The most common places on your body from where you remove the hairs are lip, ear lobe, underarm, abdomen, hip, public area, face, cleavage, on your chest, hands and legs.

In earlier days laser hair remover used to target only black hairs on the fair skin, but nowadays with the improvisation of technology even the people with black hair and dark complexion can also remove their hairs. 

The usage of laser hair remover started back in 1997. The method of removing the hair by using laser is approved by the FDA. This method has gained so much of popularity because of its speed and efficiency. There are trained laser operators available in most of the beauty parlors. 

In the treatment of hair removal laser beams with various wavelengths are used. The wavelengths range from the visible light to almost infrared radiation. 

While treating your skin with the laser beams the most important consideration is the pulse width. If you have a darker skin then longer pulse widths are used. The other important part in the process is spot size.

Spot size can be defined as width of the laser beam. Ideally width of the laser beam is considered to be four times the depth of the target. The instruments will have round spot of about 18 mm diameters. 

The energy of the laser beam is measured in terms of joules per square centimeter.

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