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Body Hair Remover Systems

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Body hair removal means the methods of removing hair from the human body. They are in two types’ epilation and depilation.

Depilation is the method of removing hair from above the surface of the skin. Shaving is the most commonly using method of depilation. The epilation means the method of removing entire hair including the portion below the skin. It is for long lasting purpose.

It is better to remove unsightly and unwanted hair from the body of both men and women. It has been practicing since the ancient human culture.

We can see so many other reasons of body hair removal. Some societies encourage hair removal for social and sexual reasons. Now the hair is removing for the medical purpose, military purpose and male-to-female gender reassignment.

Luckily there are so many body hair remover methods to help the hair removal. Chemical depilatories, waxing, sugaring, epilating devices, lasers, threading, plucking with tweezers and intense pulsed light or electro logy etc are most commonly using body hair remover systems.

Of which a few methods such as permanent body hair remover methods are more costly. Though the permanent body hair remover systems are too costly you will not have to worry about the future hair growth by selecting this system.

Electrolysis, intense pulsed light and laser therapy are the most commonly using permanent hair removal system. This system employed with the help of professionals and that is why it is costly. It requires more time to get the result.

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Depilatories are the other cheapest body hair remover system. It is a combination of chemical named thioglycolate with sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide. It acts like a chemical razor blade.

It is available in lotion, cream, gel and aerosol. The alkaline chemicals containing in it destroys the protein structure of the hair and that leads to the removal of hair from the surface.

Thousands of men and women commonly use hair removal creams to slow down the hair growth. It is a cheap and painless body hair remover system that every one can use.

It can be advised that consult your doctor before using any creams. Some creams are designed to use on pubic hair. When you apply it on facial hair, which will harmful to you and cause an allergic reaction. 

Now a day the removal of ingrown hair becomes a topic of the speech among people. Ingrown hair is a hair that fails to grow out from the hair follicle and/or rise back into the hair follicle.

When they are untreated the ingrown hair can be painful and become infected. We can use a tweezers or needle to tease the hair out of the skin. Pointy or flat tipped tweezers are more useful for this. 

Epilators are the electrical devices used to remove unwanted hair straight from its base itself. It helps to pulling out several hairs at a time.

It has rotating head and acts like tweezers. It can be operated with battery or main power. It is a very convenient system of body hair remover because everyone can do it anytime without the need to go to a saloon.

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