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Various Options For The Body Hair Removers

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No body likes to have excess hair on their body. Be it females or for that matter even males these days are conscious about their appearance and want to get rid of excess hair growth. There are different types of body hair removers that one can try and some of them even give permanent results. 

Before knowing the different body hair removers it is important that you understand your skin type and which option for body hair removers would suit you. 

Different methods of body hair removal

To help you decide which method of body hair removers would be the best they are listed below: 

Laser/ Pulsed Light: This method has gained a lot of popularity along the years. This method uses pulsed light or laser that is directed towards destroying the hair root. It is a permanent method for body hair removers.

However to get a laser treatment done you need meet a dermatologist who would suggest whether you are an ideal candidate to undergo this treatment or not. Moreover you would have to attend a minimum of 5-6 sessions to undergo this treatment for permanent hair removal. 

Depilatories: This method takes into use a thioglycolate a chemical which when mixed with calcium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide melts the hair. When depilatory is applied on the surface where hair removal is desired it forms a jelly, which is removed later. However before making the use of depilatory you should test it on a small area of your skin to check whether it results in any kind of adverse reaction. 

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Electrolysis: This is considered as the best methods for permanent body hair removers. This method uses tiny needles that are slid down the hair follicle to the cells that result in hair growth and destroys it. This process can be painful and hence local anesthetic creams are used to make it easier for the individual. 

Waxing: This is the age-old method for body hair removal. These days there are different varieties of waxes available like the soy-based ones that are non-sticky as compared to the honey base wax. Waxing can be tried by individual themselves however should be done under hygienic conditions. 

Tweezing: This is the best hair removal process for small areas like eyebrows and upper lips. This body hair remover process pulls out the hair from the root. But the process has no effect on the follicle. Hence the hair grows back after some days. 

Shaving: This can be done using a normal razor or an electric one. This process however does not affect the hair follicle and also does not remove the hair from the root. It is as good as cutting the hair from the base of the skin, which means that it has temporary effect. 

The various options for body hair removal mentioned above are the best available. However, the option for body hair removers should be chosen carefully and should be within the best combination of skin type, the area for hair removal, time available and not to forget the cost of the method.

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