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Information On Waxing Hair Removal

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Ever since civilization existed, the urge to look better has always been a matter of major concern to the human race. Hair removal has been an important ritual in this endeavor. It is interesting to know that centuries ago man used sharpened rocks for shaving faces. Egyptians use the waxy substance made of sugar for hair removal which later became popular as the waxing hair removal.

The use of natural ingredients like Beeswax or paraffin for hair removal dates to nearly 3000 B.C. This laid the foundation for present day the waxing hair removal which remains the most accepted method of hair removal across the countries. Waxing involves application of a thin layer of wax on the targeted area of the skin. Then a thin cotton cloth or paper is placed on top of the wax layer and ripped off exactly in the opposite direction of hair growth. 

Waxing hair removal has evolved as the popular method of hair removal due to its distinct advantages. It is relatively inexpensive and can be conveniently done in the privacy of ones own home. More over its effect lasts relatively longer when compared to other methods. Unwanted hair can be kept out of sight for nearly 6 weeks or so. Dead cells are also removed in this process leaving the skin soft and clean.

Hair on any part of the body can be conveniently removed through waxing hair removal but the process will be effective only if timing is perfect. It is most advantageous to use waxing when hair is at least 1/4 inch in length. This way the chances of hair getting strongly embedded in the wax increases which ultimately leads to efficient removal of the hair from the hair follicles. 

Waxing hair removal can be broadly classified into two categories. Hot Waxing involves use of wax slightly heated above body temperature whereas Cold Waxing or Persian Waxing is done with the aid of pre-coated wax strips. Hair is allowed to get embedded in the wax. With one firm moment, these strips are pulled away from the skin removing all unwanted hair.

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Traditionally waxes used are made up of Beeswax, Paraffin, Essential Oils and Resins. Resins help in increasing the adherence of wax to the skin. Essential oils like Lanolin help in lubrication and easy hair removal. These can be blended with Vitamin - E supplements like Aloe. Waxes made of Honey, Sugar or molasses are also available.

Though rated as the safest method of hair removal, it is advisable to follow certain precautions during Waxing. Waxing hair removal should be avoided on acne prone, sensitive or sore skin. Having a shower or making the skin wet prior to waxing can make the process less effective as hair tends to be soft and does not adhere easily to wax.

It is recommended to apply a good moisturizing lotion to sooth skin after waxing and also avoid perfumes or other cosmetics which can irritate the skin at least for a day. Gently exfoliate the skin 24 hours after waxing so as to prevent dead cell accumulation. Tight clothing should also be avoided immediately after waxing so as to help reduce irritation.

One has to accept the fact that the waxing hair removal is a painful process but there are numerous options available for effective pain relief. Ice can be used to numb the waxed area. Medications like Aspirin, Tylenol or some antacids have also proven effective. Other relaxation methods like listing to good music, positive visualization and breathing slowly during the entire process are also useful. 

Considering its distinct advantages over other methods of hair removal, Waxing will remain the preferred method of the waxing hair removal for generations to come.

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