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An Insight On Permanent Laser Hair Removers

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Top Hair Removers
Hair Removers Comparisons


Hair growth is quite normal in both men and women. Human beings have two types of hairs growing in their body-Terminal hair and Vellus hair. The former is thicker and dark compared to latter one. During puberty certain Vellus hairs turn to terminal hair due to changes in hormones.

Excessive hair growth, otherwise called as Hirsutism, is not a desired thing for women.

Excessive hair growth can be a symptom for a woman who has increased level of ‘androgens’ i.e. male hormones in her body. Women, generally, remove hairs from armpit, eyebrows, bikini area and the legs. Hair removal can be categorized into two types viz. 

• Depilation : Removal of hair above the skin surface.
• Epilation : Removal of hairs from the route i.e. below the skin as well. 

There are several products in the market for hair removal like Lasers, Epilators, Electrolysis and several others. Laser Hair removers are considered to be quite effective way of removing excess hair on the body. It is a method of hair removal where in there is no pain suffered by the person undergoing the treatment.

Laser hair removers are available in many types in the market. All of these concentrate on destroying the hair follicle. Some of the Laser hair removers are Diode lasers, Non coherent light laser, Ruby laser, Alexandrite lasers etc.

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How a Laser hair remover works? 

The light emitted by laser is believed to be absorbed by dark areas in the skin. This dark area is created naturally or artificially. Melanin and Hemoglobin are usually the natural target areas. In some cases, Carbon based lotion is used to create the target area. The laser beam is then targeted to the hair follicle. The laser is directed to the follicle till it dies. 

The cost may vary from places to places and from each practitioner. The Laser hair remover usually proves to be best working on fair-skin than a tan skin. The process of hair removal may range from around 5-6 sessions sometimes depending on the effectiveness of each treatment. Avoid going to direct sun as it can tan your skin thereby may not be favorable.

There are some temporary after effects preceding your laser treatment. The laser hair remover may cause your skin to be swollen and puffy for a little while, thus taking care of your skin after the treatment is an absolute necessity. You can use some cleanser to wash your skin but avoid certain strong soaps or lotions that might leave your skin dry.

The areas treated by a laser hair remover are always advised to be applied with sun screen lotion whenever exposed to direct sun as it can cause burning and irritation of the skin. An important thing to note is, if a person is undergoing medication it is always better to consult the doctor before going for a Laser hair removal treatment.

A bad laser removal treatment can lead to scaring of the skin, burning, irritation of the skin etc. Thus it is always necessary to consult an expert for a Laser hair removal treatment. A Woman who doesn’t want to go through pain and wants her excess hairs removed Laser hair remover is a good device.

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