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Introduction To Permanent Facial Hair Removal Systems

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Women with terminal facial hair perceive themselves as different from other women. Facial hair removal is required to restore the level of confidence in women, so that they can move on with self confidence. There are numerous hair removal products available today in the market. The options are plenty, while the selecting a proper removal system becomes a difficult part. 

Waxing, plucking, shavings are typical methods that most women follow. There are plenty of creams and lotions available in the markets that are used to remove the unwanted facial hairs from chin, upper lips and on the sides of the face. The acidic ingredients dissolve the hair straight away thus giving a clean and clear look. Though these methods of facial hair removals system are accepted by most women, they do not solve the problem in a permanent way.

Women those who face the problem of excess facial hair would like to opt for some solution that is permanent. In this context there are two popular methods that are well accepted by women all over the world. They are: 

Laser therapy

How laser therapy helps to remove facial hair: the option of laser therapy is the best facial hair removal system, because the therapy is very gentle and non-evasive. The treatment is painless, when you compare it with other techniques of hair removal system such as waxing and plucking.

In this method of treating the unwanted facial hair, the laser lights are flashed over the skin, so that the hair follicles get dead. This therapy is done in intervals. Several treatments are required to remove facial hair; however the treatment sessions are very quick.

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This is the safest method because it is carried on by specialist. Anyone going for this type of facial hair removal system should at least once check the organization and the reputation of the expert. If not done with a professional then there may be side effects, done in the hands of an expert then your face will be totally hair free.

Sometimes there is re-growth of hair after laser therapy; however the texture of hair if very fine and lighter. This hair removal system is best suited for areas such as back, legs and the back too. 

Electrolysis: this is another permanent form of facial hair removal system. This is done with the help of very fine needle that is inserted to hair follicle. Then a very low electric current is passed off through the needle to deaden the hair follicle. The process of electrolysis burns the root of the hair thus stopping future growth of hair.

This is very long process that can take from 1-2 years, because each and every hair follicle is treated separately. This method of facial hair removal system too requires expert hands. You can talk to clients who have already had the experience of electrolysis. The person should be under the observation of the expert so that no side effects take place.

These two above mentioned facial hair removal system should be conducted by professionals to get the best result in the form of a clean and glowing face permanently.

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