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Permanent Hair Remover Methods

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In recent years, several women and men are seeking different ways to get permanent hair remover techniques. You might have fed up with constant waxing and shaving which are just temporary methods. Nowadays, there are several treatments and devices available to remove hair from specific area of body permanently.

Now the question arises as to what does permanent means? The true definition would be the complete impairment of hair follicle’s capability to renew and grow hair. It can be also defined as removal of hair for at least one year. The method of permanent hair removal is difficult as besides destroying follicles, you need to also destroy the surrounding tissues.

As our bodies produce hair continuously and renew the growth, we have treat hair removal process at right stage of growing cycle to stop the growth of hair. So treating at a right stage in the hair growth is actually tricky as you might not completely determine what stage the hair is in and you might miss out in pulling out the root.

You need to also consider the cost involved in permanent hair remover techniques. As you want to get rid of unwanted hair, you need to dedicate your time, cost and even have to bear any discomfort caused during the treatment. You have to weigh whether the permanent hair removal technique is worth the price and effort you are going through.

The methods involved in permanent hair removal techniques are as follows


It is a hair remover technique which is approved by FDA and has best overall results for getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. It works by damaging the follicle physically to stop further hair growth. In this technique, a small needle is inserted into the hair follicle and electrical current is then passed to the needle and hair follicle.

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As hair follicle contains small amounts of salt and water compounds, they react when electric current is stimulated to produce a compound known as “Lye”. This compound damages hair follicle and loosens your hair from follicle. Tweezers are then used to pull out the hair.

Laser Hair Remover treatment

In this treatment, a target laser “attack” darkly pigmented body and facial hair which does not harm the skin. It is beneficial for individuals who possess fair skin with dark hair. Laser beams penetrate in to the skin up to 2mm -7mm to target hair. Though laser treatment is not approved by FDA as solution for permanent hair removal, it has approved laser hair removal machines.


This is a prescription cream that needs to be applied on the skin twice daily. It should be applied continuously for some days to be effective. It is pain free and easy to use.

Hair Inhibitors

These are few prescription drugs that inhibit hair growth for face and body with continued use. However, if you stop in taking these drugs, the hair would re-grow. So you need to discuss with a dermatologist for its effective use.

Although there are number of hair remover tips and techniques, care must be taken if you are doubtful about their effectiveness. You need to consult a dermatologist to give you better solution that suits your skin and body.

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