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Say Your Goodbyes To Excess Hair By Different Hair Remover Methods

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Top Hair Removers
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The desire to get rid of dark or excess hair begins in adolescence and continues until we die. Be it on face, legs, armpits or other areas of the body, many men and women emphasize on hairless, smooth skin. There are different hair remover methods which range from temporary to permanent treatments that work best depending on cost, skin type, time and preferred area.


Though bleaching is not completely a hair removal method, it is an easy way to make hair less noticeable. It is beneficial for areas which have thin and dark hair like arms, neck or face. It is performed through applying a chemical in the desired area to remove pigment from the hair.


This is a temporary method that cuts off the hair shaft using razor. However, it becomes noticeable while hair grows. You can choose between different types of razors which are either completely disposable or have disposable blades or even use electric razors.


Plucking hair using tweezers is effective hair remover methods but it is time consuming. Using tweezers, the skin should be stretched tightly so that the hair can be gripped closely and pulled out. For this, the hair shaft needs to be longer. However, it is painful and causes temporary red bumps on the skin.


You can remove large amounts of hair by waxing. A thick sticky wax is warmed and spread on the skin in the direction where the hair grows. The hair gets embedded in wax and when wax cools, it grasps the hair. The wax is then pulled off in opposite direction, thus pulling the hair from its follicles using a cloth. There are also cold waxes with strips for this hair remover process.

However, the wax needs to be peeled or scratched which is painful. So, you can opt for sugar waxing. In this process, as the wax is thick sugary syrup, you can get rid of it as sugar is water soluble.

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Depilatories in the form of cream or liquid use chemical known as thioglycolate. They react with protein structure of hair, so that the hair gets dissolved and can be wiped or washed away.


This is a permanent hair remover method. It involves insertion of a fine needle inside hair follicle and electric current is applied to follicle root. It theoretically burns the root of hair preventing it to produce hair. This is time consuming process as each follicle needs to be treated individually.

Laser Treatment

This works by emitting light with different wavelengths, pulse widths and energy output. These lasers target melanin (colored pigment).It works great for light skinned people who have dark hair. It has a long lasting effect and huge areas of unwanted hair to be treated at same time.


It is a prescription topical cream approved by FDA to reduce unwanted hair. Active ingredient in the cream is eflornithine hydrochloride and needs to be applied twice a day. Your dermatologist should advice on best hair remover methods which is applicable to your hair and skin. You must figure out various options as hair removal would not be as essential as enjoying healthy skin.

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