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Ingrown Hair Remover - Getting Rid Of Those Ingrown Hair

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There are many hair removal products available in the market that promises you of a beautiful and flawless skin. There are waxing kits, creams, lotions and other indigenous techniques that help you get rid of those unwanted hair. However the problem starts when one faces ingrown hair.

Ingrown hairs are nothing but those hairs on your body that curl inwards making it difficult to remove. Ingrown hairs stick to the pores of the skin and are no easy to remove. They are small in length and are stuck within the surface of the skin. They act as minor irritants in your effort to get hair free skin.

Ingrown hair remover techniques

Following are some ingrown hair remover techniques that you might find beneficial.

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  • Gently exfoliate the skin Use a mild exfoliating lotion around the area where ingrown hairs are appearing. Clean the area gently at least twice a day so that dead skin cells can be removed. This also helps in removing excessive oil, dirt and grime from the minute pores of the skin.
  • Use Pimple medication Any ingrown hair is similar to pimples or acne. An ingrown hair is normally accompanied with pus. So use benzoyl peroxide based lotions on the area. These are the same ingredients found in medications used to treat pimples. Use these lotions several times in a day. This will prevent bacteria in the pus from spreading.
  • Press with a warm wad of cloth Run a soft piece of cloth in hot water and press the same against the surface of the skin where ingrown hair is present. Once the cloth cools down, repeat the procedure at least twice. Doing this helps the ingrown hair to come to the surface of the skin so that the hair can be removed easily.
  • Use a sterile tweezers to remove the hair The above steps will have made the ingrown hair to come to the surface. Use a sterile syringe or an ingrown hair remover tweezers to gently pluck the hair out of the skin. Please ensure that you do not cut the skin. Also do not dig deep into the skin as you might damage the skin cells.
  • Use a curved pick razor Curved pick razors are an alternative to sterile needles. Curved pick razors act as ingrown hair remover by helping the hair to come up to the surface.

Please make sure that even after repetitive tries, if you are not able to bring the ingrown hair to the surface, meet a beautician. If the beautician is not able to get the hair out, it is time you paid a visit to the doctor. Ingrown hairs that do not come out may also be a symptom of skin cancer.

So follow the above steps and make sure that you are successful in your endeavor to get rid of the ingrown hairs in your body. All the above techniques will ensure that you will have a beautiful, flawless and a radiant looking skin.

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