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Be Gentle To Your Ingrown Hair With Techniques Of Ingrown Hair Remover

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Ingrown hair also called "Pseudofolliculitis" which is the medical term of a condition in which hair mostly grow in the middle part of a deep narrow mouthed depression and get rounded to the surrounding wall of skin surface. The hair grow in a straight condition but get rounded like an oval and get curved or fold and look like a leaf of tulip flower. There are many ingrown hair remover techniques which we will discuss in this article.

Ingrown hair does not grow in a straight condition from a follicle opening but it get folded towards the skin surface through the surrounding wall of hair follicle. This penetrates the surrounding wall of the deep narrow mouthed depression of hair which causes an inflammation with the eruption of a pimple or an acne. These lesions are very sensitive most of the time.

Usually the skin of the ingrown hair will be intensified with a visible underlying hair which may be painful. Mostly this kind of situation arise when the hair of some particular part of skin is being shaved or removed very often. This condition is mostly benign condition and mostly happened in the frequently shaved area of bikini in women, neck and beard in men, armpit and after puberty.

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The tip of hair grown overhead the follicle's opening can be pulled out or can be kept inside the follicle. Alternatively, the adjacent skin area at the outer side of the follicle might be inflamed and become larger due to the continuation of growing hair. This can be causing permanent scarring and even change the color of the skin with hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

Ingrown hair can be very troublesome because after cut them short, they will be touching to the skin with their sharp angle that can pierce the skin which is the main cause of ingrown hair. Improper ingrown hair remover techniques also play a major role in this situation.

Waxing and shaving the skin are the primary ingrown hair remover techniques that may not be suitable to all skin types. Sometimes, this can happen due to improper clothing which may worsen the condition. Many times, because of poor hygiene, the hair follicle can be blocked due to debris of dead skin and can cause this painful situation.

Individual may feel some itching and sensitivity at the area of ingrown hair. This condition can be led to an inflammatory reaction resulted in pink-colored inflammation on the skin. Small red pus-fiilled bumps can be seen after shaving the hair which can sometime become infected with the bacteria named Pseudomonas and Staphylococcuss.

Techniques for ingrown hair remover

To help the people with ingrown hair problem, there are many ingrown hair remover techniques like instead of shaving ingrown hair, it is better to exfoliate these hair with some mild scrub gently. This will remove the cells of dead skin, oils and dirt that might be getting trapped into the ingrown hair. You should not exfoliate your skin harshly in such a way that your ingrown hair starts bleeding. Just rub your skin gently to exfoliate the hair from the skin.

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