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Pamper Your Skin With Hair Remover Waxing

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Women love to have a flawless skin and thus they spend so much of time on shaving and moisturizing the exposed areas including legs, arms, hands and underarms and many other body parts. However, what they do not realize is shaving continuously can make your skin look darker and even the hair thicker. Thus, you need to know several other ways of removing unwanted hairs. One of such method is hair remover waxing.

Hair waxing is a great method of getting rid of those unwanted hairs and making your skin younger and softer to touch. Unlike shaving which truncates the hair at the skin surface, hair waxing pulls hair from the origin and thus stop it from fast growing. In addition to this, hair remover waxing removes hair for longer duration of time i.e. 8-9 weeks depending upon the hormones of individuals.

There are two types of wax that removes unwanted hairs. One is cold wax and another is hot wax. Cold wax is used removing hairs from sensitive areas likewise face and bikini area. However, hot wax is used for rest of the part of body.

The procedure of hair remover waxing is quite easy. All you need to do is apply a small amount of wax on the hairy area, spread it, put the cotton stripe on it and pull it off the hair growth direction. The stickiness on the skin caused due to waxing can be cleaned with cold water and soda bi carbonate mixture.

How to Buy Good Quality Hair Remover Wax

Today when internet is flooded with information and online products, finding a good quality wax is not that tough. However, you still need to do little research while buying hair remover wax online. Always go for one that has good branding and ingredients. You can also read about the feedback given by the people who have used that particular brand of wax.

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Above and beyond, when you buy wax, first try it on your smaller skin area rather than trying on large and exposed areas. You should apply a little amount of such wax on your underarm and check if it is causing any kind of skin irritation.

Guidelines To Apply Hair Remover Waxing

  • Once you finish waxing, do not wear any type of tight cloth over that particular area. Doing so will bring the cloth in touch of skin and as a result you may feel burn or irritation
  • While applying wax, make sure your hair is dry. Never take shower before applying wax and the wetness of hairs will not let the wax stick to them.
  • Always apply hair wax in the hair growth direction and pull it in the opposite direction
  • Avoid applying thick layers of wax on the skin. Rather go for applying thin layers.

Advantage of Waxing

  • Hair that comes after waxing is thinner, softer and lighter than the original hairs
  • Waxing cost much less when compared to the permanent hair removal treatment
  • Hair remover waxing is hundred percent natural. There is no chemical used in it and that makes it perfect for any skin type.
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