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Electrology As A Permanent Hair Remover

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Hair at unwanted places can be a real turnoff and can get you embarrassed. It is extremely important and necessary, especially for ladies to get unwanted hair out of their body. Imagine yourself going out on a beach with hairy arms or legs. It will be such a big turn off and people will not stop staring at you. Arms, legs, arm pits, chin, and upper lips are some of the places where hair needs to be removed from.

There are a number of creams and other products available in the market which help you remove unwanted hair from your body. These products give a temporary solution as hair starts growing again after some time. At times it might get expensive getting waxed or hair removed by some other means at regular intervals. The solution to this problem is a Permanent Hair Remover.

Meaning of Electrology

Electrology is considered to be the technique of removing hair permanently from a human’s body. The actual method of cleaning hair is known as electrolysis and electrology acts as the Permanent Hair Remover. This technique is one of the oldest techniques to remove hair on a permanent basis. It is highly recommended by medical practitioners and even people having used it will recommend it to you.

The process of electrology consists of three methods. Galvanic, thermolysis, blend are the methods having their own merits. The overall success of the process depends on the persons skills executing it. At successful completion of all the three methods, the follicles are damaged in such a way that hair can never grow from them again.

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Technique used in the Process

The technique used in electrology or the Permanent Hair Remover is extremely efficient and effective. A metal probe of the same dimensions as the shaft of the hair is slid into the follicle. It is carefully seen that the rod is inserted exactly in the way the hair comes from the follicle. The metal probe is inserted till the level of the hair matrix. A mild electric current is supplied through the probe.

The settings are made in such a way that the hair ejects out of the follicle with utmost ease and it doesn’t grow again. The electricity passed causes damage only to the follicles and prevents them from growing hair again.

Make sure that you get the process done by a licensed center or practitioner. This technique of the Permanent Hair Remover is extremely efficient and consistent. The best part of this treatment is that it works for hairs of all colors unlike other methods or techniques which are best for some particular color of hair.

The Permanent Hair Remover is indeed a boon for all the women and men around the world. It stops re - growth of hair on a permanent basis and helps you have beautiful and hair-free arms and legs. You just have to invest once in this hair removal process and have a hair free body for the rest of your life.

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