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Facial Hair Removal – Boons Available To Curb This Bane

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One of the biggest problems for today’s generation is unwanted hair. Be it on the hands, legs, face or anywhere else, it proves to be a displeasing attribute for young and confident persona. When one looks into getting rid of this unpleasant characteristic, there are manifold options to choose from, some painful and some painless. Which method would one opt from the available many for facial hair removal?

Some of the options that would suit a layman’s pocket are shaving, waxing threading, or epilating. While one needs to be conscious of the consequences of adopting such methods, they need to realize that shaving sensitive areas like the cheekbones or the facial curves, could affect the sensitivity of the skin, and there are good chances that hair grows back with twice the thickness as before.

Women, the widely targeted victims, need to understand that while considering waxing, they should be well aware of the pain it causes, even though it comes with long-lasting results. So, what are the kinds of solutions are women are looking for, which are more suitable for their skin? Probing into the remedies for facial hair removal, we discovered that the following options are available.

LASER (Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation)

This is one of the most promising solutions any woman suffering from unwanted hair on the face looks for. In this method, a laser beam of optimized frequency is concentrated on the area where the hair growth is present. This method destroys the hair follicles and stops any further hair growth. However, one of the disadvantages of this method is that it is slightly on the expensive side.

Intense pulse light

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There is not much difference between laser and this method, except for the fact that laser method involves radiation of single wavelength. Whereas intense pulse light method uses the wavelength depending on intend and requirement for various skin tones.

The vantage here is that this method is operated on people with darker complexions as well, unlike laser that is most suitable for lighter skin tones. Even though this method of facial hair removal shares its liabilities with the laser technique, it is definitely an option to consider!

Depilatory creams

Unlike the above two techniques, this is a comparatively painless and a user friendly solution to deal with facial hair removal. These creams work on the keratin of the hair follicle by dissolving them. Most customers prefer this as it is a quicker and a simpler method and one can use it in their home by applying the cream and allowing it to settle on the skin, after which it can be rinsed and washed away.


This is most preferred by people who do not have time to spare for unpromising treatment sessions, are ready to invest heavily, and need guaranteed assurance for results. While the procedure would be slightly painstaking and tedious, who would not want to give in when the results are permanent!

After so much innovation and development in the technology for facial hair removal, these kinds of solutions are precisely what the modern woman looks for. Thanks to the diversity in the methodologies, the customer can choose from various techniques that serve both, wealthy and all those with a financial crunches.

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