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Best Treatments For Facial Hair Removal

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Facial hair is more common in men when compared to women. There are also few women facing problems with these hairs. The reason for the excessive growth of unwanted hair on a woman’s face may be heredity, high secretion of male hormones and many others. Men use shaving creams and other products to remove those hairs whereas women use facial hair removal gels or other hair removal treatments.

Common facial hair removal treatments:-

There are many methods to remove hairs from face. Facial hair refers to the hairs present in cheeks, chin, upper lips, and other facial parts. The most common methods used for removing hairs from the face are shaving, plucking, waxing and tweezing, threading, sugaring, electrolysis and laser method.


Shaving is one of the facial hair removal methods. This method is mostly used by men. Shaving gels and creams are used in this process. Wet the hair, apply cream/gel and then use a razor for shaving the hair. This method is used to remove the hair temporarily.

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Removing facial hairs by waxing:-

Waxing is one of the best methods to remove unwanted hairs from the face. In this method, hot/cold wax is applied on the face. It is then pulled out from the other direction by using a tissue paper. Hair follicles will become weak and therefore it will take a long time for re-growth of the hair. Waxing has to repeated at regular intervals to permanently get rid of these hairs.

Facial hair removal products like creams and gels of many varieties are present in the markets. One can use these creams to temporarily remove the hairs from the face. Tweezing and threading are other methods, where threads or tweezers are used to pluck the hairs from the face.

Natural remedies for facial hair removal:

To remove hairs from the face, many different methods can be used at home. One can make a paste with water, sugar and lemon and apply them on face. Leave for some time and rinse with water. For better results, one has to follow this method at least once in a week.

A mask of lemon juice and honey has to be applied on the face. After 15 minutes, rinse well with water. This procedure has to be followed twice a week for better results. Turmeric powder mixed with milk also acts as a best treatment for removing unwanted hairs from the face. These home remedies for facial hair removal are very cheap and one has to follow them regularly to get rid of these facial hairs.

Permanent removal of facial hairs:-

Most women like to permanently remove the facial hairs. Hairs can be permanently removed by electrolysis and laser methods. In these methods, the hair follicles/root of the hair gets damaged thus preventing re-growth of hair.

There are a wide range of products and treatments available for facial hair removal. One has to use the best and effective product/treatment to get rid of these hairs quickly.

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