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Electrolysis Hair Removal Is A Permanent Solution To Remove Unwanted Hair

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Electrolysis is one of the procedures that help in removing hair from an individuals face or body. The medical electrolysis technique annihilates the growth center of the hair with the help of heat and chemical energy.

Unwanted hair on certain parts of the body like hands, legs, upper lip or chin is not very desirable for a woman. A woman is always known for her soft and smooth body texture. Her skin is the highlight of her beauty and hence hairy skin is always considered unattractive.

We already know few ways to get rid of this unwanted hair like using wax, creams and razors. However, with these methods our skin looks good only for few days. These techniques work on temporary basis and are not permanent. No woman would like to go through the pain of waxing and wants to damage her skin with razor. If you are looking for a permanent remedy, then electrolysis hair removal is a perfect option.

Electrolysis is considered as the best alternative for those who are worried and conscious about their unnecessary hair and want to get rid of them. Let’s learn more about electrolysis permanent hair removal technique and its uses.

How the electrolysis technique works -

While performing electrolysis hair removal, a special needle named as epilator is used. This needle helps to create short signals of either electro chemical current or radio frequencies or sometimes both are used. According to the thickness, direction of growth and depth of the hair follicle, these signals are used on only one particular hair follicle at a time.

Follicle is known as the growth centre. During electrolysis hair removal, the current generated in the needle will attack and destroy the dermal papilla present in the follicle and this will result in permanent loss of that hair. A special probe is inserted into the follicle of the hair at the skin’s surface and then the hair is removed with the help of tweezers. This method does not cause any pain to the patient, but sometimes mild tingling can be experienced.

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Types of electrolysis –

Electrolysis hair removal includes electrolysis procedure, which can be classified into different types. They are -

  • Galvanic Electrolysis – In this procedure, sodium hydroxide is obtained by chemically converting water and salt. Sodium hydroxide is produced in enough amounts to damage the cells, which are responsible for the growth of the hair.
  • Thermolysis – This works on the theory in which heat is produced by the vibration of water molecules and this heat is used in damaging the cells.
  • Blend – Blend process is a combination of thermolysis and galvanic electrolysis. As per the theoretical presumption, when sodium hydroxide is heated, it gets caustic in nature. This process is well known for its successful results. Hence, it is recommended by most of them.

Time required for hair removal using electrolysis –

It entirely depends on the area that has to be covered. Electrolysis hair removal may sometimes require multiple sittings for better results.

Women need not worry about unwanted hair anymore as they can get rid of it in one shot using electrolysis hair removal and relax forever.

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