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Permanent And Easier Ways And Means Of Facial Hair Removal

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The most common method of facial hair removal is either shaving or waxing. However, both these methods are adopted by people of all over the world are temporary method, which is good for 24 hours only. After that it again grows up, and if you try to shave too harsh then it may produce irritation on the skin. Are you also one of them who are looking for some everlasting facial hair removal scheme?

Shaving, which is adopted by both males and females, is an easy option to remove facial hairs uses certain shaving creams. With saving the hairs are removed from the skin, in order to get smoother skin surface. This method is quite fast and cheap and will last at least for a day. However, after that the condition remains the same and the facial hair again grows back to normal.

There are another way to eliminate facial hair is through depilatory cream, which is also another inexpensive and yet temporary method. However this cream is quite messy as compared to shaving and it works at some places, while it doesn't at certain other places of the face.

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Among women, waxing is quite a popular method and it is slightly better than shaving as its effect lasts little longer. However, as compared to shaving, waxing is pretty much painful. Waxing is generally applied on the surface of the skin directly in hot or cold wax condition and then with the gauze clothes it is covered. After sometime the cloth is removed and that takes away the hair along with it. It is a temporary solution, which you need to do after a period of time.

Therefore, often people try to look for some permanent solution, in order to achieve facial hair removal. There is another popular laser treatment also do exist to eliminate facial hair, which is pretty long lasting, but yet may not be termed as permanent solution. However, the price charged for such treatment is pretty higher. The average cost is around USD 500 for each sitting and one need to have several sitting to complete the treatment. Further you may need to wait for at least 2 months to see the real result. Other than that these laser treatment also produces lots of irritation to skin. It however depends upon your sensitivity and also number of sitting.

As a lasting facial hair removal one can go for Electrolysis. With this method the hair roots are killed so that it cannot grow any further. However, to see the real result of Electrolysis you need to take several treatments. It also hurts the face and some time irritating too. Also it can get scar also on the face/. This method is also pretty expensive method.

If you want a better means, in order to get facial hair removal treatment then you must go for treatment with lower frequency radio wave. With this kind of treatment you need not bother for scarring or any kind of irritation. You will not require any needle, nor any electrical shock or laser treatment. This is also a permanent hair removing method of facial hair removing.

It is also considered to be quite safe and also very effective too. This can also be a permanent method to facial hair removal.

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