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Few Safety Tips For Ear And Nose Hair Removal

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People who have got unwanted hair in their nose and around the ear must understand that just cutting the hair with the help of anything may not be very safe option. During ears or nose hair removal, one should never use any sharp kind of object, which may cut the skin by accident. Both your nose and ear can have a chance of injury, if you use any scissor to cut the hair.

At the same time using scissors is not advisable due to hygienic reasons too, as they are prone to bacterial growths. In case you ever use scissor to cut your unwanted hair you need to clean it and also the surface of your skin thoroughly to avoid infection. There are special kinds of nose trimmers available which may be used for this purpose.

While ear or nose hair removal you must observe following precautions:

Use right kind of tool:

This is very important as ear and nose are very sensitive area and therefore for cutting any unwanted hair, it is essential that you must use right kind of tool meant especially for such jobs. You must not use any plucking tool to perform nose hair removal, as it will be very painful experience. At the same time it is very unsafe method and may result into bleeding too.

Even eyebrow plucker cannot work well in such surface and you may end up with infection, if you try to pluck hair from this surface. Even normal scissors will not be safe, because if your hand is little unsteady then you may end up hurting your skin of the nose. Even for the ears too, you will certainly not like to cut your skin while removing the hair.

Use proper lighting

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It is very important to have sufficient light surrounding the area where you are cutting the hair. If you cannot see properly then there is every chance that you will not cut the full hair. In order to inspect the neatness of your work, you will need to have good source of light. You may need to see several times to ensure that you have cut the hair completely from the root.

Get good number of mirrors

To see your cutting properly a simple bathroom mirror may not be good enough. You need another mirror which you can hold with hand at different angles to see the neatness of your cutting. The sane mirror may not work well for both ear & nose hair removal, so you must select suitable mirror which is convenient for you to inspect both areas

Get familiar with your tool

You must read the instruction given for the trimmer meant for ear and nose hair removal properly, so that you can use it in proper manner. There must be few safety instructions which you must adhere to in order to avoid any injury.

Maintain your tool

The tool that you use for the hair removal must be maintained and cleaned regularly so that hair does not remain stuck on them. This will help you to use them or longer time otherwise it will lose its sharpness and not cut the hair properly.

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