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Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Hair Permanently With Laser Hair Remover

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The laser hair remover has become quite popular these days, as both men & women all around the world are adopting this technique for removing the unwanted hair from their face and other body parts. This option is considered to be more long lasting as compared to shaving and waxing method used for removal of hair from body and face. The total process is also not very time consuming & convenient too.

Hair removal can be of two main categories, one is temporary hair removal using shaving method and other is permanent hair removing by using either laser hair remover or electrolysis method. As there is technological progress and changes in lifestyle, hence there is more demand for permanent hair removal. Therefore, the laser technique has become more popular method now.

With the help of both laser hair remover as well as electrolysis, it is possible to destroy the hair from its follicle and thus it is a long term solution for hair removal. However there is a technological difference in both these methods and the time required to become free from hair on long term basis.

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If you consider Electrolysis method then you will find this method very painful and time consuming too. In this process single hair follicle is treated individually, where metal probe is inserted into each hair root. Electronic current is released at the root of each follicle in order to remove the roots of the hair. The electronic current will damage the hair follicle and thus it will not produce any hair. However this process becomes painful as probe is required to be inserted in each follicle and therefore it is too time consuming. You will need an appointment with the doctor and wait longer. The average time required to be free from hair will be around 10 to 12 months in this method.

On the other hand, laser hair remover is completely pain free and non invasive treatment for removing hair. You can carry out this treatment at any part of the body, irrespective of the part being hard or soft. In this process the laser light energy is passed through the skin, in very safe way to destroy all the follicle of the hair without consuming much time. The laser heat affects the root of the hair in such a method that the hair cannot grow any more.

In contrast to electrolysis method in laser hair remover does not concentrate in each hair but simultaneously takes care of larger number of hair follicle at one go and thus the process becomes easier and less time consuming.

Within 5 minutes you can complete your facial hair removal, while underarm parts may take about 10 minutes. The bikini area may take little longer however within 20 minutes the process can be completed.

You can see the results also quickly after treatments are performed as per plan, within 5 to 6 months you can be free from hair. Due to this convenience the laser method has become more popular and people prefer go for this method more and more.

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