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Got Hair? Five Techniques For Hair Removal Down There

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There are many people who prefer to have a pubic area that is free of hair.

This is very common and most people feel that it is cleaner and cooler to have no hair down there.

Some of the people though have a hard time trying to figure out how to go about this without the irritation and so on that comes with the normal methods.

Well there is one thing that you must understand. The pubic area is very sensitive and can be easily irritated. That is something that goes for everyone. However, if you look at the whole deal you will note that the more you remove the hair from the pubic area the easier it will get and the less irritation each time.

There are five different methods that you can use to remove the hair from the pubic method. You need to decide which one of the following is going to work best for you.

Standard Shaving

Standard shaving is probably the most popular and the easiest method of removing hair from the pubic area. The main problem that people have is that it can cause the most irritation.

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Shaving often leads to razor bumps and can be quite dangerous if you cut yourself. The best idea is to have someone shave the area for you. Many people consider this to be highly erotic and can lead to other things. Always be sure that you are keeping the area as clean as possible.


Waxing is one of the more popular alternatives to shaving when it comes to pubic area hair. Waxing can be very painful and is not the kind of thing that a lot of people can do at home.

There are several salons that will offer waxing of the area in the pubic region. Be careful with this method if you have highly sensitive skin because the hot wax can be irritating to a lot of people and cause severe pain.

Brazil Wax

This is the same kind of thing that you will get with the standard waxing except the area surrounding the pubic region is also waxed. Then there is also the fact that a small strip of hair is left on the mound. This is a very popular and sexy style of pubic clearance.


There are several creams on the market that are known for this kind of thing. They are used to dissolve the hair and remove it from the skin without having to shave. This is a very popular method but there is the idea that you could have a lot of problems with skin irritation 


Using electrical current to remove the hair from the pubic region is very popular but very painful. This is performed by a technician or a doctor and can take several treatments before the hair is gone.

Of course this is the end all method for hair removal as the hair will never grow back in most cases. However, this is also one of the more expensive treatments.

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