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Hair Removal Glossary Of Terms

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Hair removal can be a tricky thing to get a grasp on. That is why so many people are confused about the whole deal.

For the largest group of the world most have only a basic understanding of the whole deal.

So we come to the part where many people are looking for a way to make things that are this common part of their knowledge base.

So for that we have come up with a glossary of commonly used terms that come with the idea of hair removal. Remember that this is not a complete list but it will serve to give you some better knowledge of the entire deal that comes along with the idea of hair removal.


In men there is a hormone known as androgen. This is the male form of hormones and it is largely responsible for hair growth or the lack there of. When there is a large amount of androgen in the body the person will produce a lot of hair.

When the production is too low then you will have the lack of hair growth which is the cause of alopecia.

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This is a hair removal method that has been popular for a long period of time. The method uses an electrical current that will kill the hair at the root and then prevent it from coming back.

This is one of the very few permanent hair removal methods that are known to the world. It is also one of the most painful and the most expensive of all the treatments currently on the market.

Hair Follicles

The hair follicles are the part of the body that contain the base of the hair. This is where the hair will grow from. Of course there is nothing about the hair follicles that are really known. The medical community has yet to discover the real magic that takes place within the follicle.

For the most part there are many methods that are known to kill the root inside the follicle to prevent the hair from going back. Remember that you can get more hair follicles because they will reproduce as time goes on and one or the other falls out of life.

Laser Method

This is by far the most expensive method for hair removal. The laser treatment is used to burn the hair off and effectively kill off the root that lies underneath. So we have the area of the body where you can easily get the hair that you have removed.

However, the procedure is rarely used outside of the medical offices and can produce some serious scarring if the tech is not all that skilled with the laser system.

Topical Agents

This is the known term for the hair removal methods that work from the top. The topical agents basically dissolve the hair and then they are finished. This is not one of the permanent hair removal methods. However, this is a great alternative to the idea of shaving or waxing over time.

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