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Four Hair Remover Methods

In a hurry to remove your hair?
Top Hair Removers
Hair Removers Comparisons


Getting rid of unwanted hair is the bane of many women's existence. No matter what method you choose, the hair always comes back.

But maybe you're choosing the wrong grooming habit for your style.

The key to successful removal is finding a hair remover method that works for you, your budget, and your physical comfort level, and sticking with it.

At that point, you'll have success, as this good grooming habit will become part of your routine and effortless in its regular accomplishment.


These are hand-held tool much like an electric razor that are usually battery-operated or come with an AC adaptor. Instead of shaving the hair away like an electric razor, the epilator pulls the hair out of the skin directly.

This hair remover process is somewhat similar to waxing in that regard. Epilators are relatively inexpensive and can be used in the privacy of your own home with very small learning curve. This hair remover will keep skin smooth for a few weeks. Epilators can be used on small or large areas of the body.

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Perhaps the most common first hair remover tool, razors have come along way from the ones you used to nick from your parents' medicine cabinet. From single-blade razors to multi-blade ones that now sport two, three, or even four blades, there have also been ergonomic changes.

The handles fit more comfortably in your hand. Grooved handles mean less slipping in the shower. Pivoting heads allow the blades to move in response to the curves of your skin, meaning less chance of nicks and cuts. Razors are easy to use.

The primary downside of razors as a hair remover is the fact that you have to shave so often, usually every two or three days if you want to keep smooth skin. Replacing razors often is also key to a good shave; old razors mean more cuts and scrapes.


Waxing is most often done in a spa or salon setting, however it can be done at home, although it can also be messy. A smooth layer of very warm wax is applied to the skin where you want the hair removed. Special strips of paper are applied to the wax.

It's allowed to cool momentarily, and then the strips of paper are ripped away, taking the wax and hair with it. The advantage to waxing as a hair remover method is that the results last longer than shaving.

The disadvantages are that oftentimes, you have to go out to have it done for you, it can be expensive, and for some women, it can be too uncomfortable. Waxing can be done on large areas, like legs, as well as smaller areas, like eyebrows.


Electrolysis as a method of hair removal can be time-consuming and expensive. It's most commonly used as a hair remover for smaller areas, like the face.

The process involves the aesthetician inserting a very thin needle-like instrument into the hair follicle, using a small burst of electricity to stop the follicle from growing new hair.

Electrolysis should be performed by a professional. Some who try it as a hair remover method may find it uncomfortable. Electrolysis can also take a long time for semi-permanent results, even years if a person's body hair is coarse or dense.


These hand-held, usually metal implements pinch a single strand of hair and allow you to simply pull it out of the skin. This is perhaps the simplest hair remover method. It's best for very small areas, like eyebrows or random stray hairs.

Using tweezers as a hair remover method for large areas is just plain impractical, although it's cheap and low-tech, easy enough for just about anyone to master. Like razors, the results last only a few days. In conclusion, there are several hair remover methods available to men and women looking for hair-free, smooth skin.

There are numerous differences between them, from cost, do-it-yourself ability, length of time between applications, and comfort (or rather, discomfort).

With all of these choices, there's no reason that any man or woman can't find a hair remover method that works for his or her personal grooming habits. be used by just about anyone for various parts of their body.

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