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Reasons to Forgo Hair Remover Treatments

In a hurry to remove your hair?
Top Hair Removers
Hair Removers Comparisons


Everywhere you look, men and women are persuaded to pursue hair remover treatments.

Ads for depilatories, razors, epilators, and home waxing kits fill the pages of women's magazines, while ads for razors and shaving creams fill the pages of men's magazines.

Matching advertisements run as television ads. It's enough to make a person think that he or she must re-examine his or her hair remover treatment immediately and make changes right away. But do you really?

Waste of money

Let's face it. For just about any hair remover treatment, the results will be temporary, with hair returning within days or weeks. So for as long as you're pursuing a hair remover process, you'll be spending money on it, whether it's for razors and shaving cream, threading appointments, or waxing treatments.

In essence, you're throwing money away. None of these treatments will solve your problem. They only make it go away for a short time, and then you are right back where you started. 

All natural

All around the world, millions of men and women practice no hair remover treatments whatsoever. Body hair is a natural state. To continue to remove hair again and again is an exercise in futility. Hair is there because either God or evolution put it there (depending on your point of view).

Spending time and money on something that works just fine how it is seems a little silly, doesn't it? Clearly the millions of people who live with their body hair as is have proved that an all-natural look is certainly healthy. With just a little getting used to, soon the all-natural look will seem perfectly fine to you.

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Time consuming

Hair remover treatments are time consuming. No matter whether or not you perform your treatments at home or at the spa, time spent removing body hair is time you could have been doing something else.

It would be one thing if such a hair remover treatments were a one-time thing, but it isn't. It's hours and hours, time and time again, in a never-ending cycle of hair re-growth and removal.

Caving in to society's expectations

Maintaining hair remover treatments as part of your regular grooming habits means you've given in to society's expectations.

From television and movies, magazines to the Internet, all we see are beautifully waxed, plucked, clean-shaven, hairless bodies. Such treatments mean you value these same superficial qualities, placing a high value on superficial things.

Once you give in to one aspect of society's expectations, it's a slippery slope that will soon have you wanting to go along with every whim and trend of the glossy magazines.

So before you jump on the hair remover bandwagon, make sure you really realize what you're getting into, and that this is what you want: that you don't mind spending time and money on this again and again and again, that you don't mind forcing an unnatural look on yourself, one that signifies that you're okay with going along with the crowd.

If that's what makes you happy, there's nothing wrong with that at all. Good luck!

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