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Care In Facial Hair Removal

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Men generally shave their face regularly for hair removal. But unlike men, women are particularly sensitive to hair on the face.

Those irritating strands of hair are hard to be camouflaged and need to be removed.

Apprehension reeks large on the face every time they look into the mirror, as this condition borders on social stigma.

This concern has given rise to a whole industry of facial hair removal and new ways facial hair removal is coming to the fore. There are various ways of facial hair removal and most of the traditional methods are temporary.

But women want to get rid of those unwanted hair on the face for good. Hence, through continued research new and scientific ways of facial removal are coming to achieve certain degree of permanency.

But while it is easy to remove hair on other body parts, facial hair removal needs to be done with utmost care. The skin of the face is most sensitive and any blemishes created during hair removal like cut, itching and discolouration is not accepted. Also, the inherent cause of hair growth should also be looked into.

The unwanted hair could be due to some hormonal problem. In such cases, it wise to consult a doctor first. The dermatologist should also be consulted before going for a facial hair removal, to find the sensitivity of the skin and upon whose advice the type of hair removal method should be selected.

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Care during the hair removal

There are various ways through which hair removal can be done. They are shaving, waxing, threading, by using depilatory creams, and electrolysis. But it is imperative to know the kind of care that is to be taken during the method adopted.

The depilatory cream sometimes creates itching and irritation on the skin and is proscribed to be used near the eye. Using of depilatory creams for hair removal damages the upper skin cells. Due to the high sensitivity of the skin on the face, utmost care should be taken while using it.

While going for surgical methods of hair removal like electrolysis, one should be know whether he/she has any phobia for needle. In the case of electrolysis, each hair follicle is treated one by one. Although the skin is not punctured in this case through the needle, it is also associated with pain.

So, when hair removal is required in large areas, it takes time. Some times, it takes years requiring a number of sittings to get the permanent hair removal result. The laser techniques for hair removal reportedly give best result on light coloured people.

So, people those who are dark skinned have to bear this in mind before going for this type of hair removal procedure. It takes a number of sittings for permanent hair removal in the area.

This aspect should also be discussed with the physician. Otherwise, there would be an escalation in the cost, making it more expensive. Also is involves certain amount of risk and should be done by the expert at professional medical centres.

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