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Hair Removal And Hair-In-Growth

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Many men and almost all the women in the modern society go for hair removal in some form or the other.

While most of these methods of hair removal give a shining, spotless and smooth skin, after some days the person is irritated, almost appalled to find a thin layer of skin over the new growth of hair.

This growth of skin is called hair-in-grow. It happens many a time after a session of hair removal. Although this can happen due to the hormonal disturbance in the body, most of the times, occurrence of this type problem is mainly attributed to the inappropriate and unhealthy way of hair removal.

This type of growth also leads to infection after hair removal.

Why the hair-in-grow happens after a hair removal?

The problem of hair-in-growth generally happens after the sessions of hair removal through shaving and waxing, due to the fact that during it, part of the epidermis is also robbed off along with the hairs.

After sometime, the skin again grows back over the shaved hairs. This problem is more acute in the case of people having curly hairs.

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Prevention of hair-in-growth

The occurrence of hair-in-grow problem after the hair removal can be addressed in the following ways:

  • Proper care should be taken for shaving along the direction of the growth of the hair. Shaving in the opposite direction while going for hair removal accentuates the onslaught of hair-in-grow.

  • Wearing tight fitting cloth should be avoided before and after hair removal sessions as it might alter the direction of the growth of hair.

  • Dry skin promotes hair-in-growth. Hence after going for hair removal, moisturiser should be used over the skin. Also dry skin should not be shaved.

  • The skin should be exfoliated after shaving or waxing for hair removal.

  • After each hair removal session, the skin should be massaged.

  • Before going for hair removal through shaving and waxing, the skin should be soften using warm water, especially in areas where the skin is hard and thick.

  • The frequency of waxing should be too much lest it might lead to hair breakage. The hair should be allowed to grow after a hair removal session.

  • While taking bath the skin should exfoliated by rubbing gently with the help of a pumice stone.

How to be free from the existing hair-in-growth?

If there is a hair-in-growth developed after a hair removal session, the following things should be done:

  • The hair left after the hair removal session of waxing or shaving should immediately be washed.

  • The skin should be exfoliated with the help of a cloth or sponge.

  • Anti-bacterial liquid soap should be used after the hair removal, to prevent the hair-in-growth.

  • After the hair removal sessions, if there is occurrence of hair-in-growth, they should be shaved in different directions.

Of course, the problem of hair-in-growth can be avoided by going for a permanent hair removal method. This can be achieved by the modern techniques like laser surgeries.

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