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Hair Removal Through Transdermal Electrolysis

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Some people, especially women want hair removal through the electrolysis process, but they dread the needle.

So, they fall upon the more traditional methods of hair removal like shaving, waxing, plucking and use of depilatories.

For such people, who have the phobia of needle, but want their hair removal done, the transdermal technique is a boon.

What is transdermal technology

Transdermal electrolysis is a relatively new hair removal technology. In the traditional technique of electrolysis, needles are inserted into each and every hair follicle through which current is passed to destroy it.

That requires a number of pricks so as to cover a large area for hair removal and usually they are associated with pain. It is also very time consuming. Transdermal electrolysis is an improved and better version of electrolysis for hair removal.

In this case, needles are not used. In lieu of the needles, a gel is being used for electrolysis probe. The liquid or gel that act as the transdermal electrolysis is allowed to spread over the skin area where the hair removal is to be done.

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Then through an electrical probe in the machine used for transdermal, the hair is zapped away. In this method, the electrical probe does not get inside the skin as the get itself acts as an electrolysis probe. 

Here localised current is passed through in a very small-localised area through patches or tweezers and swabs, thus obviating the use of needles. Here, actually the electricity itself does not destroy the hair.

The gel used, along with the current, triggers a chemical reaction with the naturally occurring salt in the skin, and a by-product of sodium hydroxide is released. The sodium hydroxide destroys the hair.

There is generally no feeling of discomfort during or after the hair removal procedure. Some people do not have any feeling even during the hair removal, while some might have a tingling sensation. Through the transdermal technique of hair removal, large and multiple patches can be attended to in one sitting.

Advantages of transdermal electrolysis

Thee main advantage of hair removal through this procedure is the elimination of the use of needle. Hence, even the most sensitive parts of the skin in the body can be attended through this. Through this method, hair removal can be done on and around the breast, pubic region, eyebrows etc. 

Unlike the traditional method of electrolysis for hair removal, where each hair is attended to one by one through the needle, in transdermal technique, large number of hair in multiple patches can be removed at a time. 

In case traditional needle electrolysis, the hair can be seen to work upon, here the hair removal can be achieved for those hairs that have surfaced above the skin. 

As no needle gets into the skin, there is no scar or inflammation and any fear of infection. There is no bar for the patient to take bath and putting a face make up immediately afterwards.

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