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Hair Removal Depilatories

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One can go for hair removal through depilatories when there is time constrain and urgent need.

As people can do it with no outside help, it has become a popular mode of hair removal.

There not much pain during this process and although it is easy to use, its effect is temporary.

What is Depilatatory

It is just like any other chemical cream, which is alkaline in nature that is used for hair removal. It also comes in liquid and powder forms.

The chemical called Thioglycolate, present in the cream, weakens the hair by snapping the disulphide bond in the protein chain in the hair. Devoid of the protein, the hair losses its inherent strength and is washed away by light rubbing.

Method of application of depilatatory for weight loss

First of all, a wet and warm towel should be wrapped for some time on the areas where hair removal is to be done. This will moist the area and also make it soft to open up the hair follicles. This will facilitate the absorption of the cream afterwards. After this, apply the cream evenly on the unwanted area.

The quantity of cream should be carefully measured taking into account the type of skin and the area. Then, it should be left for some time. The recommended time could be 3 to 15 fifteen minutes depending upon the individual concerned as also on the nature and effect of the depilatory.

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But it might be harmful if left for more than the time recommended by the manufacturer. For hair removal, the area should be wiped away by means of a thick towel. Then the area should be washed. The skin also becomes smoother after the hair removal.

Side effects of depilatatory

The major side effects in this process of hair removal, is skin irritation. People having sensitive skin may find it difficult to use as upper portion of the skin also gets melted. 

That is why this product is not used around the eyes, on open cut, wound or even on inflamed skin.

People who are allergic to this product should not use this for hair removal. By applying it in a small area of the skin, preferably on the forearm, it should be tested whether it is suitable to be used in the individual or not. In some cases, irritation may occur, while in some cases, the skin is discoloured and gets stained.

At times, it also leads to various forms of allergies. In case of irritation, the skin should be washed with antibacterial solutions and antibiotic lotion should be applied. Immediate medical advice should be sought for in case of an allergic reaction.

An odour similar to sulphur is created after using this product for hair removal. After washing, the odour goes away.

Effectiveness of depilatory in hair removals

Hair removal through this type of method is not permanent and lasts for a few days and in some cases even up to two weeks.

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