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Hair Removal Through Electrolysis

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The hair removal gadgets have found its way into the make up kit of most women in the society. Yet, this option has always been a constant nag for many of them.

The repeated rituals of going through the motions of shaving, waxing and tweezing which are often associated with itching for removing the unwanted hair, at times, becomes tedious for them.

Many also do not like the bad smell of depilators but go for it nonetheless. To top of it all, the hair removal in all these methods is only temporary. So, people who struggle with all these ways of hair removal, and long for a release from those unwanted nagging hair for good, electrolysis could be the answer.

What is electrolysis hair removal

The electrolysis hair removal is achieved through a machine specially designed for it. It is generally done by the expert hands or qualified dermatologists only in the clinics. During the electrolysis hair removal method, a small and thin needle is inserted onto the hair follicle that acts as an electrode.

Such needles are to be inserted into each and every hair meant for removal. In this case, the skin is not really punctured, but the needle is inserted into the hair follicle only. Then electrical current is passed through the machine to the hair follicle.

The current destroys the melanin present in it and the hair bereft of it, gets removed. In this case, the hair follicles in the talogen phase are more resistant than those are in the anagen phase.

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Hence shaving should be resorted to for some days prior to going for the hair removal through electrolysis method. Each individual hair is to be treated separately for hair removal through electrolysis hair removal method.

Advantages of electrolysis hair removal method

In the electrolysis hair removal option, there is no remarkable itching, cut or inflammation. 

In this hair removal method, hair is removed permanently. But in some case, reportedly they might grow again. In order to achieve a permanent hair removal, multiple numbers of sittings are necessary. 

Disadvantages of the electrolysis method of hair removal

The process is very time consuming as each individual hair follicle is to be treated one by one. Hence, hair removal in a small area may take as much as 7 to 8 hours. For this, people having a large area of unwanted area may have to sit for prolonged and multiple sessions of hair removal. 

There are no known deleterious side effects of the electrolysis hair removal method, barring the mild itching sensation. This can be treated by the application of an antibiotic. 

Types of electrolysis

Three different types of electrolysis are in vogue for hair removal. They are Galvanic electrolysis, Thermolysis electrolysis and Blend Electrolysis. The basic concept of each method of electrolysis is same and they can be selected with proper consultation with the medical expert.

The cost of electrolysis for hair removal costs between $450 to $1035 for the much wanted upper lip area while the hourly rate for it is $75 to $125.

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